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Be Careful with Wax This Summer.

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( There is much that goes into preparing for the summer. We make adjustments to the hair routine, spend more time in the gym, make sure the pedicure game is on point, and the sundresses are in high demand. Granted for some of us the hygiene regimen is the same year-round, while others make adjustments for seasons. In the winter, for example, some do not shave nor wax as much due to the wardrobe of said season. As summer is on our heels once again many sisters will be making the appointment to see their wax specialist as being hairy makes some feel unclean, some simply believe its entirely too hot for all the extra hair. There is a sister somewhere contemplating whether, or not, they will embark upon the famed Brazilian wax for the first time. There are sisters that swear by it and will never miss an appointment if they can help it, some don’t feel all of that is necessary, and some sisters are rather apprehensive.

Understand there are benefits to waxing. You very well may feel cleaner after showering. The hair in the waxed area doesn’t grow back as quickly, and when it does over time it tends to grow back thinner. If you love going to the beach some sisters feel more confident in their swim ware after waxing. One can also feel a bit more sexy or desirable in their undergarments or lingerie when engaging with their partner. Hair tends to bring odor issues with it, and sweat, so when its hot you may feel less concerned about ones’ body when in public. Waxing is much easier, to some, than shaving. Granted it can be more expensive but there are sisters that can believe the cost is worth the outcome. These are all viable reasons to wax the body, and some of the above mentioned are spoken of when speaking of the Brazilian wax.

Though the benefits are many you do need to be careful when you decide to wax. You want to be sure the place by which you are getting this done is very clean and follows all health procedure. You don’t want to deal with infection because the place you chose is not sanitary in their practices. Its important to discuss any known issues regarding your skin with the person waxing you. If you have sensitive skin, or its your first time they need to know. You want to communicate as the wax doesn’t need to be too hot…wax burns can occur, and they are no fun.

The type of wax is important…you want the hair removed no your skin. Lastly, its important to understand that, though we hate it, hair is one of the bodies ways of protecting your skin. The Brazilian wax removes all hair from private areas front and back, and that is hair that protects that region from infection. It’s important to be sure that you care for those areas post waxing as your pores are open and it can put you at risk of infection and STD/STI if you are not careful.

Prepare to be the baddest you walking this summer. However, pay attention to your body, and the care it will require if you decide to wax. If you have never waxed do you do diligence as far as knowing where you are going, making sure it’s a sanitary environment, communicating with the person servicing you, and then properly caring for waxed areas thereafter to avoid any complication. You never want what’s meant to make you feel comfortable to turn into a summer disaster.

Staff Writer; Christian Starr

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