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Self-Love in 2018.

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( While 2017 was not the best year for us all when it came to love lives, while many found their soulmate others are still on the prowl of finding their own hearts desires. The first step to finding any love or being able to effectively love someone you must first love yourself. Self- love is always the best love, if you do not love yourself how can you give love to someone else? Whether you believe it or not you set the standard for what you receive and this year instead of being victim to love and bad decisions take back your life. Speak great things into existence this year and keep all negativity as far away as possible you can not thrive in an environment with constant negativity its very unhealthy for the mental health.

Your mental health is also very important, and I think that we should raise more awareness on the subject enough people do not take it seriously but it is no joke, your mind is the root to all your functions where would we be without such a major tool? Meditate, take trips, enjoy retail therapy, exercise do whatever you need to keep balance and stress away this will have a positive impact on your mental health and your overall outlook as well. When you feel better, you start to improve in every aspect. In the year of 2018, I personally just want to see us all as the people win and to com together more to make a difference in the world for the future generations.

If 2017 has taught me nothing else, it definitely taught me to love myself and to stop putting others on a higher pedestal than I put myself. See I let myself become the person who did and did for people without expecting a thing in return and I know many of you can relate to that, there are more receivers than givers always.

This is a new year, a fresh and clean start for us all let the world be your classroom and you the teacher, you are in charge. Remember it is perfectly fine to be selfish and all about you sometimes, in life not everything is fair and sometimes you must play the cards you are dealt to the best of your ability and worry about others later, learn to be selfish but in moderation.

Do not feel entitled to give or do anything for anyone and do not expect to depend on others you should count on yourself more than anything because you can always count on yourself to make things happen even when others choose to bail. In 2018 just take the bull by the horns, love whole heartedly and do not be afraid to take risks. As long as you keep yourself grounded and keep your head held high then things will work out just fine in your favor. Do not let past transgressions deter you from enduring everlasting happiness, let old wounds heal and the sun glow over the scars. Wishing a prosperous and happy 2018 to all!!!

Staff Writer; Myra Moore

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