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Exploring the Unknown: New Life, New Adventure.

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( Being that we just entered the year of 2018, I think it would be healthy to try new things and even meet new people. I know it is not that easy to get out of your comfort zone when you are used to doing things a certain way. Have you ever stopped to think the reason things are not going as well or easy because you keep doing the same things? You can not do the same thing constantly and expect a different result you must be willing to try new things in order to reach your full potential. Exploring new things is very exciting stepping from your comfort zone is the only way to know how you like experimenting with things.

The simplest things such as trying new foods, a new hair color, a new gel polish or a simple new ice cream flavor is considered to be exploring the unknown. Exploring the unknown also includes trying to date outside of your type, this is not always the easiest alternative, but it works. You have to be willing to try new things in order to figure out what really works for you, it is hard to break your normal routine but once you do I can almost promise that it will work out for the best. Exploring new things takes a lot of courage for you must forget the things you’ve been taught in order to adopt new habits and trying things you usually would not give a chance.

Trying new things opens the door to endless possibilities, when you open up you allow yourself to potentially like new things. Growth is also influenced from trying new things, I think we all have room left for growth none of us are perfect. I hear many of my peers always say how they are bored, but I personally can say trying new things such as Yoga has helped me to better cope with stress and have fun trying new things is very fun because it is not a part of your usual routine.

It is not easy to try new things all the time, but it is very rewarding, in the end it promotes growth. Growth is always a positive thing, a few months ago I went through a situation where I did not feel like I would be able to get over that hump. After I changed my routine and began to try different things like Yoga everyday and I started back writing more, this helped me to relieve a lot of stress while also taking my mind off the hardships I was currently facing.

Once I was feeling better and had a clearer mind, things began looking up for me and helped me to move forward with my life and get over some situations. I say all of this to say do not be afraid to try new things because at the end of the day making that choice can save your life.

Staff Writer; Myra Moore

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