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What You MUST Know Before Giving A Blood Donation.

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(ThySistas.comSistas want to help each other out in their time of need. Sometimes, giving money is the best option, and other times it’s offering a shoulder on which to cry. Every now and again, donating blood is crucial because there isn’t enough of the good stuff to go around. Say a sista has an illness; your blood may be the difference between recovering and her condition worsening. Donating, then, allows you to do your bit while helping others. Still, it isn’t a cakewalk because there are conditions that you must hit before going under the needle.

Health Status

Yes, you look and feel fine on the outside, but there could be a lot going on underneath the hood. And, you may not know it until it’s too late. Giving blood is a commendable thing, but it’s pointless if the red stuff is going to harm the patient. Sadly, diseases such as diabetes and AIDS aren’t always easy to spot even though they are potentially fatal. If you have any issues, it’s best to visit a vein clinic and get a proper check up beforehand. Then, you can be sure that your blood is healthy and ready to help someone less fortunate.

Piercings And Tattoos

As silly as it sounds, people with piercings and tattoos are subject to conditions. The reasoning is that the needle may not have been sterilized and could have carried a health risk. As a result, your blood may pass on the ailment to a patient and it turns into a vicious cycle. Sistas with a penchant for ink and earrings should bring proof to the clinic to appease any fears. All you have to do is show them a letter or an email from the parlor which states everything was legitimate. As long as the establishment is reputable, there shouldn’t be any problems.


Some diseases exist outside of the country but are brought back by travelers. Unfortunately, the immune system doesn’t have a defense because it hasn’t evolved to fight yellow or dengue fever. Therefore, you may be asked to prove your whereabouts for the last six to twelve months. Anyone that has been to Asia or South America will need to show they have the proper vaccines to donate blood. Some countries, such as Afghanistan and Iraq, will exclude you outright because that is the policy at the moment.

Age Limit

In the US, you have to 17 before you can give blood. Whether that’s right or wrong is pointless because it’s the law and clinics won’t budge. And, to lie is a criminal offence and could get you in a lot of trouble. So, anyone under the legal age should put off giving blood for the short-term and wait until they are of 17. Even having parental blessing doesn’t help, which is important to keep in mind. Don’t worry because there isn’t a maximum age so once you hit the birthday you can donate for years.

If you are looking to give blood, would you have known about any of the above?

Staff Writer; Lisa Brown

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