Sunday, June 16, 2024

We Must Protect Our Children from Female Predators.

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( When the discussion is had about sexual assault, and the abuse of children, there is emphasis put on the male predator. Whether the male is straight, or homosexual, he is the face of the child predator. We are just starting to see a lot of reports about when with inappropriate relationships with high school teenagers. There is attention placed on young boys and girls that are violated by men, but there is a horror that doesn’t get the attention of national news.

It is not openly discussed in community, and it had blazed a trail of young girls that have been hurt, and silenced. Who wants to believe the beloved aunt, or trendy female cousin is a sexual predator? No one wants to believe it, and that is indeed the problem. While we are indeed concerned with the wellbeing of our sons (which is important), this same care must be extended to our daughters.

It time sisters in the community began to speak out against female sexual predators, and speak up for little girls that are the victim of same sex abuse. We all were told the stories of boys that were sexually assaulted by men, but we never hear much about the nun that may have touched the little girls. There are little girls that have endured the pain of being sexual abused by aunts, female cousins, female teachers, female members of their church, their father’s girlfriends, or the step-mom. Just as it leaves a young boy confused about his sexuality, so it is for young girls. Many girls don’t know if they will be heard or believed because they see no focus put on the source of their pain. They don’t know how to mentally nor emotionally handle the hell by which they are existing.

Some girls after being abused do turn to lesbianism while others become extremely promiscuous on the heterosexual end. Of course, some turn to drugs, while others bury their pain in areas that are less destructive. Some women cannot abide the company of females, and it is a by-product of their abuse. They feel safer in the company of men, and if they are not good judges of character this can cause them to be taken advantage of by men. Many young women become too trusting as a result of their molestation, and find themselves the victim of rape. Many women have looked upon their life only to realize they have been sexually abused by women, and it led them to being raped by men.

We must take a stand for our young girls, against female predators. These are some of the same predators that may also prey on young boy. Because life comes through the body of a women it is hard for some to see them as sexual predators. It is hard for some to acknowledge that there are women that manipulate young girls into sexual situations under the guise that they are teaching them about their bodies, or showing them how it feels to receive pleasure so that they may be pleasing to a man one day. It is sick, and it damages the innocents of young girls. It leaves scars that, in some, never heal. The face of a sexual predator for young girls is not just a man. Its time we protect all of our children form all sexual predators.

Staff Writer; Christian Starr

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