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Don’t Make Your Face and Drive.

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( I once thought applying makeup while driving was more of a suburban thing. However, there are more sisters taking stock of their makeup game as they strive for the “beat” face. Granted, I must acknowledge that it is disturbing to me that we call flawless makeup a “beat” face. When I think of beat…my mind goes to domestic violence, but I’m working on embracing the slang. As so many of us are learning more about makeup application, from the increased number of makeup artists, it’s important to remember there are simply some places whereby we ought not apply makeup.

In our current society, not only do we want everything at lightning speed, we pride ourselves on doing more than one thing at a time. The need to multi-task in every area of life can become a dangerous endeavor. Science has proven most humans do not multitask well, and yet we persist in said direction. We see this a lot when dealing with children; so much is being done at one time the child can get into something dangerous because we didn’t have adequate attention on them.

Well, when it comes to driving we take too much for granted, and in this instance multi-tasking can kill us and/or another person. Eating, talking, texting, putting on clothes, tending to children and changing the music are all things that tend to happen while we are driving the care. The crazy thing is a combination of the above mentioned could be happening, or all of them, while driving. When we’ve been driving for years we tend to take our reflexes for granted. When we are new drivers, we are excited about driving but the risk factors involved haven’t quite sunk in yet.

Ladies driving and applying makeup is an accident waiting to happen. Yes, I know you are already explaining to me how many times you’ve don’t such with no problem. The issue is you never know when that will change and the reality of what can happen is what you are living with. In this fast pace world where so many of us are speeding on the highways to get everywhere, and distraction is at an all-time high, you would want to pay attention to everything around you while driving. You may not be the person speeding, or breaking the traffic laws, but while applying your makeup you may very well miss the person doing it. That split second that you take your eyes off the road to apply your mascara could be your last. Your life is more important that bronzer, lipstick, eyeliner, or mascara.

Too many of us live in the world of it won’t happen to me. However, the truth is it happens every single day…several times a day. Some sister is running late so she’s applying her makeup while driving. She is distracted so she doesn’t see the driver that cuts her off or runs the stop sign, and the accident happens. Sometimes, you don’t realize how close you may be to another driver on the highway, and the accident happens. Nothing is worth the risk…apply the makeup with the car in park. That decision could save your life, and that of another.

Staff Writer; Christian Starr

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