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Sisters Let’s Be Reasonable.

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( We all want to believe in our man. Fighting with the man you love is hard, and a source of deep frustration. Men and women communicate in different ways, and we all have different love languages. There are times that we will need different things from a man, and he may not understand why we feel as we do. Granted the same thing can happen when he tries to explain his needs.

Let’s be honest, even when we are right, sometimes we go about matters the wrong way as we are not perfect. There will be times your man will compromise, or give in to you but he may be cross on the back end. In that time, we may find that our beloved is brooding a bit, and not as talkative. He may spend extra time gaming, or working, and that can make us uncomfortable.

Sisters you are entitled to your feelings, and ought not be denied. Even when you do things that need to be done you may be salty on the back end. You expect your feelings to be respected, and you do not want to be pushed. It is very important that you offer the same respect to your man. He will not process information as you will. If he has given you what you want…be reasonable. He is not a child whereby he is chastised if he is brooding after doing as instructed.

If he is gaming a bit, or working…let him work through his feelings. He isn’t gone, but you don’t want to push him away be forcing him to feel as you think he should. In relationships it is important that both parties are fair to one another. Neither will be chipper all the time about the things that must be done to move the relationship forward, but that is the purpose of sacrifice and compromise.

Ladies, if your man does everything you feel he should, think as you say, and respond as you say…is he still a man? That may seem like an off the wall question, but it is one we must consider. It is never okay for a man to try to strip us of our femininity, and the things that indeed make us women. A man is not a woman. He will process situations, and respond to them differently than you would…and its okay.

If you have children you can clearly see that men and women parent differently, but it brings balance to the child. This is the same in a relationship. We are different from our male counterpart, and it is important to respect the differences. He may brood when you’d rather him just be his laidback self, but its important to give him the room to process the matter. As women it is important to many of us that we are heard…so we need our men to be willing to listen to what we have to say. Fairness is always important. As you endeavor to know your man better remember to be reasonable, and allow him to be himself as a man.

Staff Writer; Christian Starr

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