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Beauty Is More Than Skin-Deep.

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(ThySistas.comThis isn’t going to be a sentimental article about the importance of your personality over good looks. In fact, it is an article about looking good but achieving those good looks in the right way and for the right reasons. Your goal should be to remain physically healthy and not simply cheat your way to an illusion of good physical health. Why go to all the effort of pretending to give yourself a glowing look when you could just do more to look after your body? Here are some ways in which you can strive for a better appearance and do a lot of good for your body beneath the surface too.

Your figure.

Let’s start off with the topic everybody hates: exercise. Now, believe it or not, there is no single weight that can be defined as the “perfect” weight. We all come in different shapes and sizes; some of us are tall and some of us are small. A healthy weight for one person might be an unhealthy weight for another person. It all depends on your individual body and that’s why measurements such as BMI have gained such popularity.

However, the key thing to remember if you want a genuinely beautiful figure is to have a healthy figure. Forget starving yourself (being underweight is unhealthy too). Forget running marathons or workout for 10 hours a day (unless you want to do those things). Just find some way to get your body moving every day to keep it healthy and physically active. Even 20 minutes of walking on a daily basis is enough to put a stop to your sedentary lifestyle and make your heart (and mind) healthier.

Your skin.

Most of us have insecurities about our skin. Women, in particular, are prone to turning to makeup as the answer to all their problems. Those blemishes that just won’t go away become a part of you and you stubbornly decide you’re just going to put your foundation on and pretend the problem isn’t there. However, it’s better to get to the route of the problem.

Skin issues can often be improved by simply drinking more water; your body just wants hydration to restore its healthy glow. You might also want to look into diagnosing Cutaneous Lupus because, sometimes, skin problems can have underlying autoimmune causes. The point is that you need to think about the root medical cause for your skin issues rather than just covering them. Beauty is about healthiness rather than vanity.

Your mind.

Whilst you may say your mental state is not something that is physically visible to other people, you’re approaching this point with the wrong perspective. Think about all the ways in which your mind and body are linked because the nature of your thoughts can visibly change the appearance of your body. When you’re stressed or anxious, these mental health issues can manifest themselves in terms of affecting your sleeping pattern and leading you to look tired or worn-out. Stress can also lead to skin blemishes such as acne, so there are many ways in which your an unhealthy mind can show itself through your body.

Above all else, remember to love yourself. This is a matter of both protecting your mental health by boosting your confidence levels but also respecting your body enough to maintain it properly and practice self-care. You have to be motivated to safeguard your health; if you have acne or other blemishes then give yourself a little break from makeup on occasion. If you deal with stress then don’t always turn to food or other forms of escape that will only provide short-term relief. Remember, beauty is more than skin-deep; if you want to feel beautiful then you need to reach beneath the surface.

Staff Writer; Sophia Ford

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