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Will You Defend Jemele Hill.

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( Sisters if I can be honest I am livid with ESPN. Jemele Hill has been suspended for two weeks as they stated she violated their social media policy in tweeting about the boycott. The problem I have with this is ESPN is a sports station that reports on everything sports, or so we thought. They seem to have been trying to silence Jemele Hill’s voice since she began speaking out about the boycott. She is a black woman on ESPN that looks and sounds like a black woman. She has in no sold out who she is as a person, and journalist, because she works for ESPN. Her commentary, and that of Michael Smith, are a few of the voices that try to provide a balanced view on the world of sports as presented on ESPN.

To his loyal credit Michael Smith spoke out last time ESPN threatened to suspend her making it clear he would not host their show without her. Now, that she is suspended, he is again standing with is co-host and dear friend. Sisters let this be a moment that we acknowledge a black man is standing with a black woman here. The question is are WE going to stand with her, and will white women stand with Jemele Hill.

Yes, you read correctly I did say white women. Recently, women (black women included) decided we would defend reporter Jourdan Rodrigue, though we would find out has a past of tweeting racist comments, when she felt Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton responded to her in a sexist fashion when he said Wednesday “it’s funny to hear a female talk about routes”. Granted I will be honest…I wasn’t offended. Women that know routes exist, but there aren’t many. Furthermore, his tone didn’t strike me as trying to be sexist…but that’s just my take on it as a woman that actually does know the game of football…routes included. The point is women in mass defended this reporter. Women looked as it as she was objectified in her profession, and Cam Newton needs to understand that is not tolerated.

With that being said will the SAME women look at ESPN and say you are stripping the voice of this black woman because you don’t agree with her commentary? Will all of us stand against ESPN for her? Will women boycott the sponsors of ESPN for this WOMAN? All that should matter is that a woman has been suspended from her job for doing her job as a journalist. We should be in an uproar that ESPN would use “social media clauses” to silence this woman.

I would be surprised if a huge fuss is made behind Jemele Hill. I would be shocked, and have my faith in women restored, if women banned together to at least try to make ESPN pay for her being targeted in the way many demanded Cam Newton suffer consequences. The point is about taking a stance for women…ALL WOMEN.

I wish I felt she was going to have the same support Jourdan Rodrigue received when women rallied to her side. Let’s not forget Trump felt Jemele Hill should be fired, and all women should be rallying against him. We know that certain white women will stand with her, because they are always those select few that stand for what’s right. Sisters let it be known this is a battle we ought to lead, with black men standing with us. Our voice has to be heard that our sister, Jemele Hill, has been wronged by ESPN, and we won’t tolerate it…even if the masses of white feminism choose to be silent.

Staff Writer; Christian Starr

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