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Beauty & Confidence: Discussing The Link.

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( We are accustom to seeing ‘perfect’ people in the media. They’re splashed across magazines, posted all over social media, and pushed into our faces in movies. The images we see of these beautiful people can have a big impact on our own self-esteem, especially for us ladies. The problem is that from a young age, we’re told that certain body ideals make you beautiful, while others make you less appealing.

Over half of all women are uncomfortable with how they look and because of this, lack confidence. This can be down to all sorts of reasons, from being heavier than the models we see on TV to having a smile that’s not as perfect as we would like it to be. Clearly, there is a link between beauty and confidence that has a big impact on us. However, what is less clear is how we can boost our confidence2016-BlackWomanSmiling without conforming to the often unhealthy ideals that we see in the media.

Fix those things that knock your confidence

This may sound somewhat counterproductive, but it’s actually not. If there are things about yourself that you just can’t seem to get past, such as the fact that your teeth are cracked, for example, get them fixed. You can find out more about beautifying your teeth at There are some things that if you don’t like them, it’s okay to change.

It’s not necessarily about what you see in the media, but also about how you feel about yourself. For instance, if you dream of having a more chiselled chin because that’s how the Kardashians look, that’s not something to change. However, if your lack of confidence is based on a real issue, such as teeth that are stained and cracked, it’s justifiable to want to change them.

Learn to love yourself for you

As mentioned above, it’s okay to want to change something that is an actual issue, such as a nose that’s wonky from being broken, for instance. However, getting breast implants just so that you can look more like the celebrities that you see on the red carpet, is not something to consider. You need to understand that it’s okay to change certain things, such as your weight if it’s higher than it should be. However, there are some things it’s best to leave well alone.

You need to learn to love yourself for you. Just because your hair is curlier than the girls on the catwalk that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t love it. If your legs aren’t as long as a model’s, so what! Are your hips wider than those you see on swimsuit models? Don’t let it bother you. No matter what you look like, always remember that you’re beautiful. Still struggling to love your body? Check out and have a read.

Beauty and confidence are two things that go hand in hand. When we see other women who are praised for how they look, it instantly makes us want to be more like them. It’s because of this that many of us dream of ‘fixing’ ourselves to look more like the women we see on the catwalks.

Staff Writer; Lisa Hopkins

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