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Around The World In 10 Beauty Tips.

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(ThySistas.comI’m sure that you will already have your own beauty routine that you swear by. And that will largely have been influenced by the culture around you, as each culture and society has its own beauty standards and traditions.

Have you ever wondered how people in other countries keep looking young and beautiful? If you had previously thought that each country would have the same beauty tips and tricks, you might be surprised! Here are some quirky beauty tips from around the world that you might want to incorporate into your own daily routine!


  • Brazil: Use Oatmeal On Your Sunburn


Feeling the heat after a day in the sun? If you forgot to apply suncream, you will probably be suffering from some painful sunburn! There are aftersun products you can apply on it, but why not take a leaf out of Brazil’s book and apply some oatmeal? That’s actually not as weird as it may sound; oatmeal is packed full of nutrients and vitamins that your skin needs to be healthy. One way you can use oatmeal is to fill a small gauze pouch with some flakes and add it to the bath next time you get in the tub.

  1. Spain: Place Potatoes On Your Eyes

You will have probably already heard that cucumber slices on your eyes are really beneficial for the skin around your eyes. But have you ever thought about placing slices of potato on your eye rather than cucumber? This isn’t a crazy joke – in fact, the Spanish swear by potatoes on the eyes. Natural chemicals in the potato can really lighten up the skin and hide any signs of tiredness.

  1. Poland: Make Homemade Hair Masks With Egg Yolks

There are lots of hair masks on the shelves of supermarkets and drug stores, but most are highly priced and overrated. If you want to apply a hair mask to your hair, the best thing you can do is make one yourself at home. There are lots of recipes online, including these at But why not use the Polish recipe? In Poland, the women make their masks out of egg yolks, olive oil, and lemon juice. The yolks can greatly strengthen hair so it doesn’t break so easily during styling.

  1. Egypt: Good Grooming Is Key

Now it’s time for an international beauty tips for men, and this one comes straight out of Egypt. Since the time of Ancient Egypt, the Egyptians have known that good grooming is key for men to look good. They are very keen on staying clean shaven, but they might not be able to answer the age-old question of should men shave their legs via – that one should be left for your man to decide! But when it comes to facial hair, the Egyptian men are very serious – they even take the time to pluck and sculpt their eyebrows!

  1. United Kingdom: Don’t Wash Your Hair Too Much

Did you know that most women in the UK only wash their hair three times a week? Whenever they are in the shower and aren’t washing their hair, they simply pin it up under a shower cap so that it doesn’t get wet. Washing your hair infrequently in this way can help to protect it from hard water that appears in most areas. Plus, it means that you aren’t overloading your hair with too many products.

  1. India: Use Turmeric On Your Skin

The Indians have a great trick up their sleeves for vibrant skin – they just add turmeric! This is the spice that adds wonderful color to their delicious curries. All you need to do is mix the spice with a little honey and yogurt to make a thick paste, which you can then spread on your face. When you wash it off, you will see that your skin looks a lot fresher. Some also believe that this paste can remove any stubborn facial hair that you find hard to get rid of.

  1. Croatia: Olive Oil Is Your Best Friend

The Croatians love adding olive oil to their beauty regimes wherever they can. But it’s not just any oil; they use Dalmatian olive oil. When they are sunning themselves on the beach, they apply the oil to their skin to moisturize it and to help it develop a tan. They also use it on their hair as a hair mask.  

  1. Israel: Ginger And Honey To Fight Wrinkles

Are you getting frustrated with all the age lines and wrinkles that are starting to develop on your skin? There’s one way around this without spending money on expensive anti-aging products; you just need to use some ginger and honey like the Israelis do. You should mix the two ingredients together and apply the mixture to your skin once a week. After a few weeks, you will see a big change in your skin!

  1. Mexico: Use A Spoon On Your Eyelashes

This may sound like a very strange beauty tip, but it is one that the Mexicans swear by! Rather than buying an eyelash curler, you can simply curl your lashes with a spoon. You do this by placing a teaspoon over your eyelids so that the spoon is cupping them. Then gently press your upper lashes around the spoon and voila, you’ll have perfectly curled your lashes!

  1. Japan: Bathe In Sake

Not too keen on the taste of Sake? No problem; you don’t have to drink it, you can just bathe in it! Adding a small cupful to your bath will be very beneficial for your skin as the drink contains kojic acid which exfoliates the skin. When you get out of the tub, you will find that your skin is glowing and looks extremely youthful!

So, why just stick to your home country’s beauty tips when you can travel around the world with these ten different tips and tricks? You never know, they might even influence your travel plans when you are thinking about your next vacation!

Staff Writer; Sherry Moore

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