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Why is My Hair Falling Out.

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( We love our hair. It is an important part of who we are as women, and there is nothing wrong with that. When your crown is on point, you feel better about yourself. Whether we need to be loved on so we take ourselves to our beloved hair stylist…and as she fixes our hair she seems to fix our life; or whether we tend to practice self-love through managing our own hair it must be taken care of. Nothing can make a woman feel as uneasy as her hair breaking and/or just falling out. Granted some women experience this because of illness, and medication. In those instances, the hair loss is very difficult, but they know the catalyst that is causing the lost. This can become very stressful when you are see hair in the sink, brushes, combs, floor or on the pillow, and you don’t know why.

May women tend to address this by looking at what they are putting in their hair. Sometimes the hair loss can be remedied through a better hair care regimen with products that better meet the needs of your hair. This will require diligence and patience as you take note of what your hair responds to poorly, and positively. Every combination of products, as we all know, doesn’t work for every woman.

Some of our sisters thrive with their relaxed hair, and know the regimen to minimize breakage as they retain length. Other sisters love their natural hair, and they must establish what products will offer the most moisture retention, manageability, and allow for length retention. Sometimes it can be a matter of washing the hair more, or less, and finding the products that won’t strip your hair. Unfortunately, some have done all of these things, and even with a positive hair care regimen the hair is still breaking and falling.

The next area some women will address is what is going in their body. There is a correlation between how much moisture your hair can retain and how much water you intake. Vitamins, proper amounts of fruits and vegetables all play a part in your health wellness, and this directly effects the health of your hair. Drinking plenty of water to stay hydrated, and improving one’s diet will always help the growth of your hair as this will strengthen the hair from the inside. Keeping regular physicals, and check-ups is also a plus soys if there is anything wrong with our body that is causing hair loss it can be addressed, and worked on.

When you have done all the above mentioned and are still wondering, even if it’s at a slower rate now, why your hair is falling out. Mind you we are not talking about natural shed hair. You must then look at the amount of stress in your life. Where is the toxic energy that is causing you to lose sleep? Where are the areas of unhappiness? Are you dealing with toxic relationships?

When you have done everything you know to do to care for your hair properly you must make sure you are not allowing others to stress you to the point your hair is falling out…literally. When many sisters were younger they may have heard the elder women speak about not letting someone bother your nerved till your hair fall out. They were not figuratively speaking. It is very important to work on the thing you can change, and leave the rest to prayer or the universe. However, you don’t want to lose your hair to stress, and bad nerves. You are too beautiful, and radiant to suffer such a fate.

Staff Writer; Christian Starr

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