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Environmental Hazards That Can Affect Our Health.

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( The environment affects us in so many ways from the moment we are born until our last breath. It is virtually a part of us and it affects us spiritually and physically. Because of this we need to increase our awareness of the environment.

From natural disasters to man-made environmental hazards, so many factors affect our way of living and our health. We can help the environment by being stewards in helping create awareness, educating people about the effects of environmental hazards and how to protect ourselves from them.

We are not the only ones affected. Other species are also affected as well. We are all exposed to these hazards that can greatly impact our health.

Air Pollution

It is probably one of the largest environmental challenges anywhere in the modern world. The most obvious form of air pollution is smog. This and other kinds of air pollution contribute to global warming.

Carbon dioxide is the main culprit of air pollution. Yes, living things breathe out carbon dioxide but this is not the source causing the problem. Carbon dioxide emitted from planes, cars, and power plants that involve burning fossil fuels is the cause of this issue.

What can we do? Let us remember that a little change goes a long way. Recycling, conservation, flying less and driving less can reduce our “carbon footprint”, which is the amount of carbon dioxide we are putting into the atmosphere.

Electromagnetic Fields

Electromagnetic fields (EMFs) are lines of force surrounding any electrical device, which are invisible to the eye. These are produced by cellphones, electric wiring, computers, appliances, power lines, televisions and a lot more. Studies have shown that exposure to high amounts of EMFs can cause leukemia, brain cancer and other illnesses.

There have also been studies that showed an increase in the growth of cancer cells when exposed to EMFs. They can also affect the immune system which is needed to protect our bodies from certain illnesses. They damage cells by affecting the DNA.

There are preventive measures we can take to lessen our exposure to EMFs. We can use a Gauss meter – this can measure EMFs in our home and workplace. We should avoid places where there is a high level of EMFs.

We can also use protection products like EMF protection jewellery. This shields us from the harmful effects of EMFs, and can also help us to keep calm, sleep better and reduce stress.

Toxic Chemicals

These toxic substances are hormonally active and can damage our glands. This class of chemicals is called organochlorines which contain carbon molecules and chlorine. They are found in plastics, pesticides, solvents, PCBs, pulp and paper manufacturing, and many other sources.

We can decrease our exposure to these substances by avoiding food packed in plastic and canned foods. Use stainless steel or glass bottles to store food and water, and natural cleansers such as vinegar and baking soda.

Staff Writer; Lisa Shaw

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