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Real Side Chicks a Disgrace.

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( Many of us pass off Reality TV shows as merely entertainment. When the conversation is brought up that this portrays us, as black women, in a negative light we are instantly told its just TV. The problem is television can be considered an art form as sure as someone wrote a script, and there are actors. Television like film can have an impact on dialect, fashion trends, and ultimately how we see ourselves. Several people looked the Cosby show and A Different World as examples of black positive image. It can be argued that A Different World made a generation want to go to college. If television, which is entertainment of course, can make young people consider having a collegiate experience it can also have a counter affect.

As women one thing we may want to consider is it is never okay to make light of the image of mistreatment of another woman. What do you mean? Well, if you ask most married women what is one thing they can’t tolerate in a woman…they may answer saying there is no tolerance a woman that is willing to mess with a married man. Let’s be honest none of us that are married want to deal with the pain and shame of confronting our husband and a SIDE CHICK. When its reality for real…as in your life you won’t find the side chick entertaining.

I’m pretty sure we all can agree on this. Furthermore, the image of out of control overly sexual beings has been that of black women for years. It’s so much easier for society to cast us as side chicks and whores…than it is to acknowledge us as successful career women that are also successful as wives and mothers. The latter is an image of empowerment, and there are more of us that live that life than society wants to recognize.

There is a such thing as an entertaining drama, but Reality TV is a mockery, and it’s so unfortunate that we laughing. It’s bad enough Realty TV made housewives look life petty, vindictive, angry, out of control women that had no handle on themselves, their marriage nor their homes. Now we have a show that totally undermines the family. Ladies, the side chick undermines family, and upsets the peace of our children’s home.

There is nothing funny about disloyal men, and treacherous women that destroy families. This is not an image that we need to see fed to our communities nor is it one that we should support with ratings. Black women must come together to take a stand and say our image nor reputation as women is not for sale. We are not merely whores for entertainment. What we are seeing not just entertainment it is a systemic attack on the character of black women, men and our family. I will leave you to think on this.

There are several Real Housewives shows, that depict white women…but so many more that show them as wives, and moms, and their Housewife shows don’t put a dent in the image of them. The Reality shows directed at us are meant to destroy…why entertain such. There is no honor in being a side chick, and they are a nightmare for a wife…so why laugh. I doubt you’d be laughing if what you saw on TV became what you are living…it happens. Let’s support images that project positivity for black women, and out place in our family.

Staff Writer; Christian Starr

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