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Great Grades Aren’t Everything.

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(ThySistas.comIt’s time for parents to understand that fantastic grades aren’t the be all and end all. Don’t get the wrong idea here, we’re not saying that grades and academic achievement aren’t important. They are, and school performance can predict whether or not a child will succeed later in life. But there are other factors to consider as well. Here are a few other areas that you shouldn’t ignore when your child is growing up.

Work Experience

A lot of parents will try to keep their kids out of work for as long as possible. The reason for this is simple. They think a job will distract them from studying and of course, getting good grades in school. While this can happen, it’s important to realize that employers today are constantly on the lookout for young students who already have a wealth of work experience. They don’t want candidates who are joining a company completely green because they know they won’t immediately handle the stresses of work life.

As well as this, getting a job teaches kids important lessons that unfortunately they’re not taught in school. There’s no class on saving, or what to spend money on or even how to get a promotion. However, they can learn all of these details with a little experience and an easy job at an early age.

Music Is Better Than Words

You might have a child that loves music, and up until now, you haven’t been encouraging them to pursue this passion. You’ve heard the stories of how rare it is for someone to succeed in the music industry. However, it’s important to realize that being the next Beyonce isn’t the only job available in music. There are plenty of different positions. But even if your child doesn’t succeed if you check out a guitar site you might find some of the other benefits of musical instruments. Indeed, learning music has been shown to increase cognitive development and improve social skills that will be useful to them if they choose to pursue other careers.

Sport Isn’t A Waste Of Time

Don’t despair if your child spends more time on the basketball court or football field than they do in the classroom. Sports activities aren’t a waste of time, and again, a lot of employers look for candidates with experience leading a team or being part of one. The reason for this should be obvious because most jobs involve some sort of teamwork. Showing past experience in a sports team shows that a candidate has this type of skill.

As well as this, with sports experience, students might be able to get scholarships in college. This can make it easier for them and mean that they don’t have to match the high-grade averages of other students. It’s a way to level the playing field if your child isn’t off the charts academically.

You see, there are other areas outside of grade averages that you should pay attention to if you want your child to succeed in life. If you don’t, you could miss out on a huge opportunity.  

Staff Writer; Paula Ross

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