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Save Our Girls!

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( _______Snatch ! Snatch! Snatch! For every snatch where is that beep… beep… beep sound? An academic study showed that only twenty percent of the stories focused on children of color, despite them accounting for about forty-five percent of those cases. Our missing black girls are desperately crying out for help and protection. Black teenage girls are considered to be a “run-away” to the cops when they just disappear instead of looking for them and leading search groups like they do for the caucasian children.

There are currently over 64,000 missing black women and children from the United States. The media and the criminal justice system need to do a better job at informing the public about these missing women and girls in hopes of reuniting them with their families. Not only do our girls need saving from being trafficked but also save them from teen pregnancy, abuse, and etc.

It is already a struggle for us to be women in this country and it makes it no better that we are women of color. We deserve respect, every single time a white person goes missing no matter the age we get amber alerts on our cellphone no matter the time of day, is providing the same luxury for our girls a crime? The government is more focused on banning abortion and doing away with planned parenthood than the lives of these innocent girls.

Saving our girls is not a task we can change overnight, it takes countless amounts of time and effort. Does the government not think about these strategies that they propose? The government is actively working to ban abortion, which I personally do not support but believe that we as women should have that right to decide who is the government to regulate the body of someone else?

I find it very foolish that they would want to also stop planned parenthood which provides girls with contraceptives and birth control in order to prevent unplanned pregnancies, how can you take away contraceptives and punish the woman if that results in her becoming pregnant? The life of a baby is a blessing, and the government is taking that very lightly. We have to stand up and fight for our girls since the government refuses to do so. We have to take responsibility in teaching our girls and being their for their emotional needs. Our young girls are crying out everyday, silence is even a cry for help we have to notice the signs. There are so many praying on the failure of our girls so it is our job to use our black girl magic and secure the bag.

Staff Writer; Myra Moore

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