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Starter Guide To The Keto Diet.

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( A lot of people have heard of Keto diets (or Ketogenic diets) and have an interest in getting into it, but they don’t know much about it or where to start. It’s all about informing you a bit on the diet form and some of the benefits, why it can be good for you, things of that nature. A keto diet, in its basic form, is a low carb high fat diet. It’s a beyond useful tool for weight loss, which great naturally! Perhaps more importantly, it can help with things such as heart disease, diabetes, and more serious conditions such as that. Meaning that this type of diet is more than worth a look, at minimum.

Entering ketosis takes from 3 days to a week and once you’re in that period you’ll use fat for energy as opposed to carbs. If you’re wanting to know whether you’ve entered ketosis or not the good news is you can test it! It’s simple really; use a ketone test strip. It’ll tell you the level of the ketone bodies that are in your urine! If the numbers are high enough, then good job, you’ve entered ketosis. Changes in alertness and mood also are indicators in a change as well as a stronger urine smell and stronger breath smell too. Some people also report having better sleep and a lower appetite when they’re in ketosis.

One thought against keto dieting is that fat is a bad thing! Many studies have proven, however, that eating saturated or even monounsaturated fats carry no heart disease risk. In fact, most fats are good for our health such as fatty acids and amino acids; we literally cannot survive without them! And fats are truly an efficient form of energy too with each gram having around 9 calories. A ketogenic diet is all about eating fresh whole foods (fish, veggies, meat, etc.) while at the same time reducing processed and chemically treated foods. Here is a good list of keto recipes. It’s the type of diet you can have, be a part of your life for the long term and you can enjoy it as well! I mean, come on, who doesn’t like eggs and bacon in the morning?

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There are some other benefits of a keto diet as well just to name a few: Loss of weight as well as body fat, improvement in good cholesterol levels, decreased appetite, reduction in blood pressure, reduction in triglyceride levels. You’ll also experience good, consistent energy levels, each day, and you won’t snack and overeat as much since you’ll be satiated after meals for a longer period of time. This clearly shows some great benefits to having such a diet for sure! A greater reduction in risk of bad diseases, weight loss, still can eat “fun” foods, and more! Research is proving that a keto diet is a great way to go for any person, for sure. Whether for yourself or a friend or loved one, a keto diet is a great thing to look into for sure!

Staff Writer; Melissa Carter

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