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The 3 Luxury Ways To Treat Yourself.

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(ThySistas.comFrom time to time, we need to think outside the box in terms of treating ourselves. We all have ways and means of getting ourselves to a happier place, whether we need to spend money to do so or not. However, sometimes we come to a bit of a blank or we end up spending money on things that we don’t really want or need just for the sake of it, or things that we have done before and become complacent with. It’s all well and good going to a spa, for example, but if you do it so many times over then you know what to expect from it and it’s not so much of a surprise or indeed a luxury anymore. It’s going for the bigger and better things which will give you the pang of excitement that you need, but it’s about realising what these bigger and better things are to aim for…

Making and Designing Your Own Jewellery

It’s not hard to get the materials to make your own basic jewellery, but it’s good to go just that one step further. You can send designs over to jewellers for them to take into their own hands and create something magical, but there are also materials available for you to buy personally to try and create something yourself. For making your own luxury diamond ring, for example, 1 carat is perfect for a starter and is easily available to buy online. You can buy different metals to go with it and really put some thought in to make it personal and affordable to you.

Exploring Your Nihilistic Side

Taking the time out to explore the world by yourself is a joy that most seldom get to experience. The few that go out and take the bull by the horns cannot recommend it enough. There is something quite exciting about travelling solo, especially if you’re going to a place that you know little about. It can be quite daunting, but as soon as you immerse yourself in it and take in what other cultures have to offer you, you will be well on your way to having an amazing time. Just remember to stay safe and keep common sense on your side.

Learning To Say Yes; Learning To Say No

It’s not hard to understand that we can be way too polite in this world – especially if we’re female. We nod and agree to keep the peace in some situations, and shake our heads politely to decline in others for fear of damaging our feminine reputation. Where’s the fun in that? The best way to treat yourself is to throw social norms and conventions out of the window in order to reward yourself with what you truly want. Obviously if it’s harming or upsetting another person, this totally isn’t the way to go – there are swings and roundabouts to everything that you do. However, making wise decisions in order to propel yourself further and taking more chances is definitely a luxurious thing to do. Live your best life!

Staff Writer; Lisa Moore

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