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Signs He’s Cheating Most Women Ignore.

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(ThySistas.comIf you’ve been with a partner for a while, you get a sense of their habits: the time of day they go to bed, when they get home from work, where they travel to and so on. And so if there’s a disturbance in these patterns, it’s often cause for concern. Most of the time, changes in patterns are entirely innocent. But sometimes they aren’t, and that’s when problems can start.

Many women don’t like to confront the idea that their spouse is cheating on them and so they push it to the back of their mind, not wanting to deal with it. But if they issue isn’t addressed early enough, it could mean the end of your relationship.

Here’s what one divorce attorney, Annie Kaszina, had to say about the most common signs that your husband or boyfriend is cheating on you.

He’s Being Overly Nice

One of the things that Kaszina says that her clients tell her over and over again is that their partners became overly nice once they started cheating. They began doing things like allowing their wives to watch whatever they wanted on TV or buying them gifts. For some people, having an affair can make them appreciate their official partner more and make them feel happier in their lives – a strange byproduct of sexual freedom. But there’s also the fact that many people just feel guilty and want to make themselves feel better.

Showing You His Messages

An accomplished cheat will often show you his message account and email inbox. Why? Because accomplished cheats don’t cheat using their regular accounts. Instead, they set up a new account or use a different phone, ensuring that you never catch them in the act. Even if you suspect them of cheating, they’ll be very open about their messages, showing you their regular inboxes to throw you off the scent. Extreme openness might be another sign that he’s cheating.

He Goes On The Attack

They say that the best form of defense is attack. And nowhere is that truer than when it comes to cheating. Men who cheat on their partners will often accuse them of cheating to defend against accusations themselves. It’s a common ploy that causes you to doubt yourself while also throwing you off their trail.

You Get Hints From Colleagues

Friends and family are a great resource when it comes to a cheating partner. Often they have instincts or information that you don’t that can be crucial for working out whether or not a partner has cheated. Kaszina says that it’s worth following up these leads wherever possible because they’re usually right.

He Stops Noticing You

If you suddenly start feeling invisible – like you could wear a bag over your head and he wouldn’t notice – then it’s a good chance that his sexual interest resides elsewhere. If you find yourself making an effort, but he doesn’t notice or care, then there’s a good chance that he’s cheating. One of Kaszina’s clients said that she deliberately burnt her hair with a candle at dinner and her cheating partner didn’t notice and just walked off.

Staff Writer; Shelia Love

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