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Music is Therapy.

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( For too many of us ladies’ life has gotten rather serious, and stressful. We live in a country whereby there seems to be a scandal of epic proportion every time we turn on the news. In addition to the climate of the county may of us are trying to make ends me, raise families, contribute to relationships, and keep our career intact. In the mist of all the chaos it is very easy to lose sight of the very things that tend to help us stay balance. Meditation, exercise or even a glass of wine tends to help us unwind and it is often accompanied by music. As a people music has a very dynamic power over our emotional state. When the world gets off balanced music is therapy.

Sometimes we need to have those go to tunes that tend to help us calm down in moments of distress while we work towards a solution. Granted all music can’t achieve that goal but the kind that can is different for each person. It has been proven that what we are listening to can have an effect not only on our mood, but how we perceive a given situation. Growing up some of us have fond memories of Saturday morning cleaning and the music helped create the memories.

To this day some of us still rely on the likes of Earth, Wind & Fire, Stevie Wonder, Al Green, Aretha Franklin, and the likes to get the house clean. It’s as if the music wills us to move, and do so in a jovial spirit. In like manner, we tend to remember the songs that comforted us when our heart was broken, or we experienced grief. It was as if the artist had the words we simply could not find to express our pain or loss. When we get dressed and are feeling our confidence on level 10 the music is present. “I’m Coming Out” by Diana Ross was the anthem for many sisters that has reached a turning point and felt they had finally come into themselves. It’s no secret that we are a musically responsive people. Music helps us form the tapestry of our life, and it is a part of our spiritual fortitude. Regardless of spiritual persuasion there is music that feeds our spiritual need and upliftment.

With the confusion that seems to bombard us on all fronts it’s important not to lose sight of who we are, and the culture that keeps us. There are times when saving grace has been putting on the headphones, and allowing oneself to fall into the music. Many of us have learned to love ourselves, reaffirm self, take a stand, dance our way out of sadness, and set our resolve through the music that seemed to know us best. Piano Lessons Galway says that learning how to play music can deeply impact your life and happiness.

This connection to the culture of our music is why when our artists pass on we feel like we lost a part of our family…or of our support team. I can’t speak for others, but I am still mourning the musical loss of 2016…I may never get over Prince. When you feel on edge and need the pick me up…let the music wash over your emotions and soothe your soul. It may very well keep you moving.

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Staff Writer; Christian Starr

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