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Men Require Appreciation Too.

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( As women we know that life can be stressful especially when you have a family. There are many days that we go and do for our family, and the days just run together. Our day’s start, and end when its dark outside. We sacrifice a lot for our family, and sometimes we would appreciate it if our family would acknowledge our contribution. It can become very hard to give so much with not even a thank you. We know that we are good mothers and spouses, and it can hurt when that goes unappreciated. We are aware that we are not perfect, but many of us try with everything we have within. It’s like a slap in the face when the only thing that is pointed out is the few errors we make here and there when we get so much right. So many sistahs can relate to this feeling.

Well, sistahs…many of us are married to some good men. Unlike us, they will experience the above mentioned and say nothing. Ladies our men have feelings, and though we like to think it…they are not made of steel. Contrary to what the media portrays there are so blackhappycouplemany husbands and fathers that go to great lengths to support their family. They value their wife, and help nurture their children. Yet, all they hear is black man ain’t shyt. Sometimes they overhear the conversations we have with our girlfriends that do nothing but harp on the shortcomings of black men…one can only wonder how that makes him feel. There are men out there working multiple jobs, and no they aren’t perfect, but they have to hear it because they forgot something…or had to work late. Sistahs some of our men are doing the best they can.

Just as we need to be appreciated so do they. Some of us have men that support the goals we have in life, and they work to help us get through school. We should take the time to tell them we love them, appreciate them and yes…we need them. The truth is no one want to have to struggle through life’s challenges alone, and just as some men need to learn to appreciate the women that stands by them when life gets hard…we need to be sure we are doing the same. Sometimes we can be kinder and more understanding.

Basically we can give what we expect to receive. To those of us that have that supportive man striving daily to be the best husband and father he can…its best to remember there are sistahs out there suffering with men that devalue them daily. You don’t need to recognize it because you don’t want to lose your man. Truth be told a man that is loyal to you, and loves you, isn’t going anywhere. You need to recognize it because he deserves your appreciation.

Some that are married, male and female, ruin their spouse over the years; after years of being overlooked and devalued it’s hard to appreciate in the same way. Sistahs if you have Mr. Right…love on him, and never take him for granted. Make him a priority just as you want to be a priority. That’s the person that will ride with you, and protect you, no matter what happens. Our men require our appreciation. When that good man knows your value, believe in, and appreciate him…he will try to take the world for you. There will be no limits to his care, adoration, and devotion.

Staff Writer; Christian Starr

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