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I Don’t Believe in Feminism.

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( I have to be honest. I never considered myself a feminist. Before you get the wrong idea I strongly believe in equality. I feel women should get equal pay, and should be treated as competent equals in business, and government. Yes, I am pro-choice and believe the government, that is majority male, should not make decisions regarding a woman’s body. This might sound like I am a feminist indeed…but I totally reject the notion.

When I see the word feminist it creates conflicts within my black woman understanding. I cannot reconcile that term to my existence because I cannot see myself within its movement. Black women have been totally mistaken in owning the word feminism. It is understandable as to why some sisters would relate as they too seek equality and acceptance. However, we need to acknowledge that feminism is not the same for you as it is for a white woman. In large majority when have white women stood with us…on any matter thatblackwomenfeminism affected us directly? Did they include us when they were specifically fighting for certain rights such as the right to vote?

Was it a women’s suffrage movement…or a white women’s suffrage movement? As a black woman I don’t feel that feminism represents me. I acknowledge and respect the black female scholars that label themselves feminists, and all the work they have done to promote the advancement of women, and community. Yet, when Alice Walker coined the term Womanism, even if she didn’t choose to identify with it solely, I saw that word this as my alternative to feminism.

I believe we should be able to celebrate what it means to be a woman, and still stand up for equality. Feminism within itself has an identity crisis that I want no parts of. I am not anti-males especially black males. I don’t believe I need to be a part of a movement that in some form alienates men as we do need them. Granted this is merely my prospective, but I do believe that black men need to leave the patriarchy of white men alone, and black women need to abandon the white feminist ideals. I truly believe that both of these have negative effects on the interactions and perspectives of black men and women regarding each other. Meanwhile, there are some white women that can scream feminist while still being backed by daddy’s money…I don’t have that privilege. Being a feminist never absolved a white woman of white privilege, and all of them do not see me as equal. This is simply too much confusion.

If a sistah wanted to tell me that I should reconsider feminism…I’d have to point them to the recent election of Donald Trump and tell them NO. Black women had much at stake and went out to support Hillary Clinton in full force. We went out, in part, believing that as a whole women in this country were banning together to take a stance against misogyny and sexism in this country. We were sounding the alarm that our lives are important, and sexual assault is not a laughing matter. Well, as we sistahs upheld our end of this stance…our white female counterparts left us holding the bad. About 43% of white women voted for Donald Trump. Sexual assault, and regarding a white woman at that, was not enough for them to stand with women of color in this country. So I say again I don’t believe in feminism.

I will stick with Womanism which in my mind celebrates the beauty and strength of being a woman. I can do this while still demanding equality and fair treatment of women. I can fight for my rights while still recognizing black men as a vital figure in community while holding him accountable to be fair with me. Right now the only ones I feel that view the life of black children and family as important as black women are indeed black men. I know it may not be a popular position, but maybe it’s time black women stop applying the backbone and strength to a movement that doesn’t see us as equal at all.

Staff Writer; Christian Starr

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One Response to “I Don’t Believe in Feminism.”
  1. Sharlita Rodgers says:

    Glad another sister sees the bigger picture.
    This isn’t for us.
    Womanism, Family & Community comes first.

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