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Sistahs We Tried.

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(ThySistas.com) Many of us, myself included, had our concerns about Hillary Clinton. Some of us felt she was not a fitting candidate, and she did not hold the issues confronting black people at heart. Regardless of our concern many of us, after paying attention to how campaigns were running, could not with good conscious vote for Donald Trump. The woman in us would not allow us to support the degree of sexism he represents. Let be honest…there are many black women that have experienced some degree of sexual assault. Some of us tried to report it to no avail while many others suffered in silence. So, making light of sexual assault behavior in any way, shape, form or fashion was the final straw for many black women. In addition to the sexism how could we discount constantly being referred to as “the blacks”?

There was too much that told us we would have to get behind Hillary Clinton because she was the better of two evils, literally. This was not vain thought…we acted upon these sentiments and in large blackwomen-hillaryclintonnumber voted for Hillary Clinton. On Election Day we watched as she lost the election. Of course many of us are in shock, but some of us are just down right angry. As the blame game began some sat back wondering what we could have done differently…the answer is nothing.

Yes, it was disturbing that some brothers even voted for him. Granted their reasoning many have been solely political one must wonder if they understood the backlash that would be on the table. Did they realize there was a chance that we could fall back in time overtly facing the same challenges as our elders? Did they question the message this would send to their daughters? Did they understand the “pass” it would seem to imply to their sons…of which they would not benefit? In order to rest at night many black women will tell themselves no…there is no way our men could have realized what would be on deck. We have to believe this.

Ladies we have nothing to be ashamed of. We voted our interest, and conscious as women in this country and for that we should hold our heads high. Remember the establishment has never catered to our interest so we must continue to do what we do best…thrive. We must continue to stand with our brothers knowing we did our best. It is important that we have serious talks with our daughters who are of age to understand what took place on election night. They must know that regardless of who is President they are strong; their person and dreams matter to us.

It is important that our boys and girls grow up knowing sexual assault on any level, to anyone, is WRONG and unacceptable. Now more than ever we cannot sit back and allow the climate of our country to raise our children. The road ahead for this country might be rather difficult, but we know we used our vote to take a stand. Now we must move forward being vigilant as always.

Staff Writer; Christian Starr

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One Response to “Sistahs We Tried.”
  1. Tara Hill says:

    To The Author,
    You need to do your homework on Hillary, esp on Margaret Sanger, her hero. Hillary is a feminist and feminist women do not want equal rights, they want more rights for women. That is unequal protection under the law for men and women and that is illegal.

    As for Margaret sanger, she followed Hitler’s theories and her planned parenthood had nothing to do with women’s rights. you have been deceived. Go on Youtube and hear it in her own words. She thought “colored people are weeds that must be exterminated”. That is why she pushed abortion in the black community so hard. Wake up and do your homework ladies.

    If you were woman enough to open your legs, be woman enough to lie in the responsibility you created. abortion is for selfish, irresponsible cowards.

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