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Preparing Natural Hair for Winter.

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( Spring and summer have ended, and fall is coming to a close. For many of us with natural hair it means a change in routine. Natural hair is prone to dryness so retaining moisture is a high priority in the winter. As much as we love to introduce our coils and curls to the warmth of the sun…wind and cold beckons us to protect them. Wearing the hair out on occasion is cool, but cold and our hair aren’t the best of friends. Grant it I love winter, but I acknowledge that my 4c coils aren’t too thrilled.

If we aren’t careful cold weather cause hair to be brittle which can lead to breakage. If this is your first winter natural being mindful of the effects of the seasonal change on your hair will it to continue to flourish. Hair maintenance can be very time consuming so adding the idea of fighting super dryness is daunting, but with a few adjustments we can protect our strands and save time. Let’s look at a few tips to get us through the winter season.

1. The pre-poo before washes is essential to helping your hair retain moisture, and it helps to prepare your hair to be 5566wintertips-blackwomanhandled through the washing process. Pick the oils and/or conditioner that work best for your hair and allow it to assist not only the wash process, but it aids in detangling.

2. Invest in a good deep conditioner. Regular conditioners are great for a run through or pre-poo, but deep conditioners are necessary for retaining moisture. Look for conditioners that are labeled as a deep conditioner ore masque. Allowing it to sit for 20-30 min, preferable with heat, will allow maximum results.

3. The primary key to moisture is water. Dryness means our hair is thirsty. Streaming the hair is a good way to utilize water without having to fully wet the hair too many times. If a steamer is not available then a shower without the shower cap would suffice, just be careful not to fully wet your head.

4. Hats and scarves are awesome for protecting hair from the elements. You’d just want to be mindful to have silk lined hats or silk scarves. Cotton and wool tend to pull the moisture from our strands hence defeating the purpose of protecting the hair. Sometimes with certain hates that we can’t silk line wearing a silk bonnet or scarf under the hat would achieve the same goal.

5. Care for and protect your ends. Keeping the ends trimmed and sealed with oils or heavy butters will prevent dry brittle splitting ends. Furthermore, when wearing protective styles be sure the ends are tucked away.

6. What we intake effects our hair. Making sure our body is hydrated helps to keep our hair hydrated. Drinking adequate water is essential. Furthermore, eating healthy foods with adequate vitamins and minerals helps to strengthen the hair.

Winter doesn’t have to be a dangerous hair season if we just offer our hair a bit more TLC. There are a lot of beautiful winter protective styles and the hats are scarves can be very stylish. The key this season is simply to keep our hair moisturized and protected.

Staff Writer; Christian Starr

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