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Stay Safe On The Open Road With These Life-Saving Hacks.

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(ThySistas.comDriving can be very dangerous, no matter how many years you have had your license for. If you take your eyes off the road just for a split second, you could end up in a very serious accident. So it is always a good idea to run over the basics of car safety as a refresher. After all, you can never be too careful! Here are some hacks that can help you stay safe and secure out on the open road.

Keep On Top Of Car Maintenance

It is crucial that you get your car serviced whenever it is needed. If you think that your car might have a technical fault, don’t chance it. Get it seen to straight away. Even though the fault may only be small now, it could develop over time and become a huge risk. In the worst case scenario, the fault could cause you to lose control of your00photos_black-woman-driving vehicle while you are driving it. And this could result in a terrible accident. So don’t ever take your local mechanic for granted and make sure you always pay him a visit whenever you suspect something is faulty.

Always Keep Your Headlights On

Once the light starts to dim in the evening, it is illegal to drive without your headlights on. You will also have to have them on if you are driving very early in the morning before the sun comes up. But a number of studies show that if you keep your lights on at all times, you are greatly reducing your risk of being involved in an accident. So even if you are driving in the middle of the day, keep them on. By doing so, you are increasing the chance of other drivers noticing you. In fact, some research shows that most drivers are less likely to pull out in front of another car if they notice it has its lights on. No matter what time it is!

Don’t Risk Drinking

Drivers are allowed to have a tiny amount of alcohol in their blood while they are driving. Adults are allowed to have 0.08 grams of alcohol in every 100ml of blood. That applies in all US states. But why risk drinking in the first place? After all, alcohol affects us all differently. Just because someone may be able to drive safely with that little alcohol in them, doesn’t mean you will be able to too. So don’t get imprisoned for your DWI. The best way to escape jail is to not drink in the first place.

Don’t Point Your Wing Mirrors At Your Car

Previously, it was believed that you should be able to see the flank of your car and the road in your wing mirror. However, this thinking has recently changed. Safety experts now think that it is much safer to keep your own car out of view in the mirror. This way, you are reducing the chance of creating a blind spot, which makes driving a lot safer for you and other road users.

Staff Writer; Lisa James

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