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Shocking Effects That Alcohol Has On You And Your Body.

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(ThySistas.comMost people enjoy indulging in a glass of wine or a cool beer after a long week in the office. But do you know all the effects that alcohol is having on you and your body? Some aren’t quite as serious as others, and some won’t be a problem for responsible drinkers. Regardless, it is extremely important that you know all the possible effects that the substance is having on your body. Here are just a few of them.

Poor Coordination And Judgment

Alcohol significantly reduces our coordination and judgment. That’s why it can be difficult to do even the simplest of tasks after you have had a few glasses of wine! And this is also the main reason why drinking and driving are so dangerous when done together. Drivers who have had a drink are highly likely to make bad decisions when on the road. This can put themselves and other vehicle owners in 22black-woman-wine_excludenuditydanger. Not only that, though, but drink driving also increases your chances of getting a criminal record. If you are pulled over by the police on suspicion of drink-driving, you may need an attorney focused on driving under the influence cases.

Brian Damage

Everyone knows that drinking too much alcohol can be dangerous for your liver. That’s because the liver is the organ that has to filter all of the alcohol out of your blood. But did you know that your brain can also be badly damaged when you drink too much? Most people who binge drink over a very long period of time suffer from anxiety, blackouts, and memory loss. And these are all signs of brain damage caused by alcohol. If you only indulge in a couple of glasses of wine once a week, you shouldn’t have to worry about this too much. However, if you feel that your enjoyment of alcohol is turning into an addiction, the potential brain damage should be a reason to get help.


People who drink a lot of alcohol on a regular basis are at an extremely high risk of developing mouth and throat cancers. After smoking, drinking is the second biggest cause. Those aren’t the only cancers that alcohol can cause, though. Many people who regularly binge drink can develop cirrhosis of the liver. This condition can very easily turn into liver cancer if it goes untreated. Some recent studies have even shown that there is a link between alcohol and breast cancer in women. So, if you want to keep cancer at bay, it is best to limit your weekly intake of alcohol.

Heart And Circulation Problems

Alcohol plays a big part in increasing blood pressure. This can then cause major heart and circulation problems. That’s because the alcohol and high blood pressure cause the muscles around the heart to weaken. Not only that, though, but high blood pressure puts sufferers at risk of dementia and strokes.

As you can see, there are many serious risks that alcohol poses to you and your body. Stay safe and enjoy it in moderation.

Staff Writer; Nicole Cook


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