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How women Ruin Relationships.

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(ThySistas.com) I’ve broken up with my boyfriend 3 times in the past week.

My life is getting in the way of me fully connecting with him, and his life is conflicting with the attention that I seek from him. After breaking up with him the last time, I figured out that it was my current situation that frustrated me, not him. I apologized profusely, but now he’s the one with the attitude.

It’s understandable, since it was me who decided to push him away for reasons that have nothing to do with how he treats me: I’m dealing with adjusting to a new city, broke, and want attention when I can’t get it. All of this compounded made me want to throw away a promising relationship, when I could have easily talked to him to find out why I am upset, versus blaming him.

It’s safe to say that it’s not always men who ruin relationships. 1-00-2016black-couple-madWomen can play a major part in bad breakups, as well.

Women are emotional creatures, and men deal with logic. As children, girls daydream about a fairytale wedding with a rich man who can provide a home with a nice picket fence and 2.5 children. Boys on the other hand don’t think of such things. Logic plays a part in their lives from the very beginning. The ideal of what kind of wife is logical. Their career ideas are logical. It’s all about logic with boys. Girls dream big, only to have their hearts shattered by the reality of love and relationships.

Love hurts. Women should know this better than anyone. Once a woman is scorned, there’s no help for her unless she decides to partake in intensive psychotherapy and lots of chocolate…ice cream.

Knowing that women tend to hang on to their emotional wounds should allow men, who are decidedly logical about life, should have more compassion and sympathy for women.

I broke up with my boyfriend three times last week. That’s a record to beat. My reasoning was illogical…purely emotional.

Since I’ve been alone most of my life and have only had two or three real relationships (whom a psychic told me were the wrong guys to begin with due to my need to fix people), and have no relationship with people who are ‘supposed’ to be close to me, and a birthmother…emotional attachment is an all or nothing affair.

I can walk away at the drop of the hat and never think about the person again, OR I can walk away with a heavy heart and pray that who I let go of will return someday, because that’s love, right? Love will be for sure if it returns, right?

Love is something that should start with yourself, and then allow it to be extended outside of yourself. When there’s co-dependency, there’s a lack of trust that one can love themselves. When love is detached, it can seem as if you only love yourself and everyone else is non-important to your heart.

That’s where communication comes into play. Learning how to express yourself properly with the one you love is imperative in preventing breakups. I talked with my guy after I broke up with to better understand myself. It all made sense at that point, so it was only right for me to offer an apology…and cuddle time.

My guy’s logic told me that I had a problem with pushing people away. My emotions led me to my truth that he was right, for various reasons.

Therefore, I vowed to start anew in the love department and to realize when my emotions were superseding my logical decision making.

Next time your girlfriend calls it off with you, read over this article and maybe you guys can become stronger together, rather than a relationship from the past.

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2 Responses to “How women Ruin Relationships.”
  1. Tara Hill says:

    As a family and relationship counselor I can say the author of this article is very unstable. it is time to learn what commitment means and grow up. Stick to something or you do yourself and the man a huge disservice. Its amazing that you want to give advice when you should be in counseling instead of writing articles. you are not in a position to help others swim until you yourself are swimming well. Get real. And my experience tells me you have a bad track record that goes much deeper than the relationship you are in now.

  2. Tara Hill says:

    Your boyfriend is foolish for allowing these games to continue. He is enabling you by tolerating your immature foolishness.

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