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Medicine Mistakes: The Biggest Errors People Make When It Comes To Medication.

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(ThySistas.comIt’s sometimes necessary when we are ill to go on some form of medication. After all, it’s the best way to get some relief from the pain. And the doctor will recommend medication you can go on to help you through the illness. However, a lot of people make mistakes when it comes to taking medicine. After all, if they are not taken properly, it can damage your health. And in some cases, it can end up landing you in the hospital!  In fact, over one million people are sickened by medication mistakes, with 100,000 resulting in death. Therefore, here are some of the biggest errors people make when it comes to medicine so that you can avoid them at all costs!

Taking them when it’s not necessary

A lot of us get some pain from a headache or a stomach bug and soon head to the tablet draw. After all, we know a quick tablet will help the pain! But by taking them when it’s not really necessary, your body can soon get immune to the tablets. It means that when you do need them for a more severe bout of pain, it’s unlikely to work. Therefore, it’s so important to only take them when it’s vital. That way, you won’t end up suffering when you do need the medication, and it doesn’t work!

Not reading up about side effects

I think we are all guilty of getting some medication and then not reading the information sheet inside. After all, we just want some relief from the pain, so we don’t really care about the side effects. But it’s so important that you sit down and read it so that you know about the possible side effects. That way, if you do start experiencing strange symptoms, you can stop taking the tablet and contact the doctor as soon as possible. After all, the doctor can’t blackwomanpills2016predict exactly what will happen to your body from taking the tablets. So if something does occur, you need to stop taking it and let them know. Also, you should be reading the information leaflet so that you can spot any reason why you shouldn’t be taking the tablets. For example, you might have some health condition that you haven’t told the doctor yet such as pregnancy. Therefore, contact the doctor to check if you can still take the medication!

Not doing your own research on the medication

It’s so important that you are clued up on the medication that you are putting in your body. After all, you need to make sure that it’s going to be right for your body. Therefore, you should spend some time looking online and reading up about the medication. Hopefully, the drugs will have had plenty of testing such as precision toxicology before it ended up with the health provider. But you need to make sure you read up so that you know exactly what you are putting in your body. You can research online for more information on the medicine, and you can speak to others who have taken the drugs. Or if you do have any questions after researching online, you should ring your local chemist or doctors and ask them questions.

Taking too much of the medicine

So many people end up taking too much medicine by mistake and then end up in the hospital. After all, taking too many painkillers can end up damaging your organs. And even cough medicine can end up making you very sick if you consume too much! Therefore, it’s so important that you are double checking how much you are meant to be taking a day so that you don’t overdose by mistake. You should check with the doctor or pharmacist if you are unsure if you are taking too much! And always make a note when you have taken medicine; you don’t want to end up taking it again later as you forgot you have taken it already! And if you do think you have taken too much and are experiencing symptoms, you need to head to the doctors ASAP!

Not stopping when the doctor recommends

We hear about so many people who end up getting addicted to tablets every year. In fact, half of Americans now have a personal connection to painkiller abuse, whether themselves or someone close to them! It often starts when they are prescribed some kind of medicine for pain relief. They start relying on it, so once the doctor recommends coming off it, they don’t feel they can. It means they continue taking them and it soon turns into an addiction. But of course, if you are taking tablets that are not needed, you could soon start causing damage to the organs in your body. It will affect your immune system and then if you do need to start taking them for a real reason, it might not work. Therefore, stop when the doctor recommends, and if you do feel like you are getting addicted, talk to your health care provider.

Forgetting to take doses

When we are busy with our everyday lives, it can be easy to forget to take tablets. After all, the day passes by so quick and then we realize that we never took one of our meds. But by missing one of the drugs, it might end up causing you to get seriously ill. For example, if they are pills which you are taking to prevent blood clots, a skipped dose can make it ineffective. And also, if you miss a dose of the oral contraceptive, you could end up getting pregnant, so make sure you use extra precautions! Therefore, set a reminder on your phone so that you remember to take them every day. And if you don’t take it, don’t just double dose. Contact your health provider for advice on the prescription.

Taking different types of medicine with the same ingredient

A lot of people are on different types of medication for their health. After all, we all start experiencing different health problems as we age. But it’s so important that you know what ingredients are in the medicine. You don’t want to end up taking a painkiller and some cold medicine which contain the same ingredient. Otherwise, your liver could end up getting damaged. Therefore, always check the labels and contact your doctor if you are unsure you can take them both! You should always tell them everything you are taking before going on more medication. Even tablets over the counter and vitamins might not be okay with particular drugs!

Not checking if there is nothing they can do while on the tablets

You might be surprised how many people don’t check what they can drink while on a particular medication. But if you do drink alcohol if you are not meant to while on tablets, it could cause headaches, fainting, or even internal bleeding! Therefore, it’s so important to check the drug leaflet to make sure you can drink alcohol while you are on the tablets. And it’s not just alcohol that you need to worry about; you need to check about food and physical activity while on the drugs!

Not going back to see if it’s still suitable

If you are going on medication for the long-term, you need to make sure you are still going back to the doctors every few months. That way, they can check how your body is reacting to the tablets so that they can swap you to something else if necessary! For example, with the oral contraceptive pill, it can affect your blood pressure over time. Therefore, the doctor needs to keep an eye on this so that he can put you on a different tablet if necessary. So make sure you regularly go to ensure the pills are still suitable.

Buying online without checking its suitable

You need to be so careful when buying any medication online. You don’t know if it’s suitable for you and how it will react to your body. Therefore, you should make sure you stick to buying over the counter medicine, and prescriptions from the doctor instead. That way, you know that it’s unlikely you will have a reaction to the pills!

Not keeping them in a safe place      

It’s so important that you keep your medication in a safe place in your home. So many people put them with other tablets and then they get confused which one is which! It means they might end up taking tablets that could make them seriously ill. After all, you should never share tablets with anyone else. Therefore, make sure you keep them in their packets so you know exactly what they are meant for. Also, you should keep them in cupboards that the kids can’t get to easily in the home. You don’t want to have to take your little one to the hospital as they have consumed a tablet by mistake. By keeping them locked away, they can stay happy and healthy in the home!

Remember to listen to your own intuition when it comes to medication. If you feel it’s doing harm to your body, stop taking it and speak to a doctor.

Staff Writer; Natasha Tucker

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