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The Top Three Most Common Surgical Procedures (And What You Need To Know About Them).

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(ThySistas.comFor many of us, surgery is something we go through at least once in our lives. Although going under the knife is a scary procedure, it is very common and is a routine event in hospitals nationwide. Surgery can be performed for a number of different reasons. Sometimes, it is to ease pain, sometimes it is to enable a part of the body to work better. In some instances, it is vital to save a life, and in others it can be purely for cosmetic reasons. Whatever the situation, surgery is a normal part of everyday life for most doctors. Take a look at some of these common surgical procedures that most of us will go through at some point.

Cataract removal

As we age, certain parts of our bodies begin to fail, or not work as well as they once did. This includes our eyes, as vision is more likely to fail the older we get. A common cause of poor eyesight in old age 2016-eyelid-surgery-photois cataracts. A cataract is when the lens of the eye becomes opaque over time, leading to blurred vision and an eye that appears ‘cloudy’. Around three million people in the United States have surgery to remove cataracts every year, as it is the only known cure. In the surgery, the failing lens is removed and is replaced by an artificial one, which should restore sight. It may sound like an invasive procedure, but actually it is one of the most simple surgeries around. You are unlikely to have to stay in hospital after cataract removal, and most patients go home a couple of hours after the procedure takes place.

Hip replacements

Our hips are one of the largest joints in our bodies, and unfortunately are prone to their fair share of conditions. These include types of arthritis, soft tissue damage and even fractures. You may require hip surgery in old age as the likelihood of experiencing these conditions increases as you get older. Signs that you may need a hip replacement are if you suffer intense pain when doing everyday activities, such as getting dressed or driving. Visit your doctor as soon as possible, who may recommend replacement surgery for hips. As with cataracts, this is a relatively routine procedure that doctors have carried out hundreds of times. However, the recovery time is significantly longer. Don’t expect to be able to walk freely straight after your operation – you may need to walk with aids for the first couple of weeks. Typically, recovery can take anywhere between four to six weeks. The silver lining is, if one happens to encounter a hip surgery problem, there are law firms such as Gadsby Wicks who are willing and able to file a claim on your behalf.


Caesarean sections, also known as C-sections, are one of the most common surgical procedures in the modern world. Some women have caesareans by choice, but most of the time they are resorted to when natural childbirth fails. If labor is taking too long or if the mother and baby are both at risk, the surgeon will usually step in to perform a cesarean section. Around 1.3 million women in the US deliver babies via C-section every year.

Staff Writer; Pamela Evans

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