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Organization a Key to Peace.

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( We live in a fast pace society whereby everything must be done in a hurry. It seems that our schedules of full with tasks, and we often wonder how we will get everything completed in the course of a single day. Many times we fall short at completing all of our set tasks for the day causing them to roll to the next day. Before we know it the days are running together and we find ourselves completely overwhelmed. Yes, a glass of wine occasionally might make us feel better, but it doesn’t help bring the chaos to a cease. This manner of rat race can cause anxiety, stress and eventually inefficiency. Balance is a very important part of life. It allows us experience peace, and one of its agents is organization.

Some of us are very efficient at organizing our homes or work space. Everything has a proper place, and is cycled out after a certain period of time. This kind of organization allows us to be able to work around our homes, or office, in peace because there is order. Clutter and dysfunction at home can cause us to find ways not to 2016-2017black-woman-thinking_excluhave to interact with that space…which is terrible seeing that many of us pay rent or mortgage every month. The answer of course is always organization; in doing this not only does everything have a particular place, but items that are no longer of use are discarded.

This is an example that applies to multiple areas of life. Some of can organize a house while our schedule, time and mental space is all over the place. Yes, planners and mobile devises can assist us with building a schedule to better help us organize our time. In order for this to be effective we will also have to discard things that are unnecessary to our life. Time is a valuable asset that doesn’t have to work against us. Everyone gets the same 24 hrs in a day.

Idle time, negative people, too many problems that belong to others and the lack of a schedule can cause disorganization in our everyday routine. Yes, routine is the key word. When we organize our time, please include time to relax and recharge yourself, we are able to use time to our advantage. Take an inventory of what you are doing on a daily basis with your time and begin to adjust there.

Life in itself can feel overwhelming, but you can slow things down. Write down the things you need to do in the course of a day, and put them in priority order. Manage your time according to your needs, and eliminate distractions when tending to the priorities. Sometimes this will mean turning the phone down, and giving yourself specific times to check in on social media. This aspect alone eats up quite a bit of the time we could be using to get productive tasks completed. Begin with reasonable goals for the day; as you get comfortable you can add more tasks to your daily agenda. Remember, limit your interaction with negative people, and their problems when you are trying to get things done. Negativity is draining and it will slow you down. These few steps will help you organize your day. Organization is a key to achieving, and maintaining, peace in your everyday life.

Staff Writer; Christian Starr

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