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Why Do Women Cheat in 2016.

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( Why do women cheat? I know men are usually the ones taken to task or considered more likely to step out on their lovers, but the truth is women cheat too. It’s a fact of life. And while many would like to argue that the reasons women have affairs is totally different from that of a man’s, I beg to differ. We cheat for the same reasons.

In today’s society, with side chicks becoming something that women are proud to call themselves, it seems like it’s harder and harder to find a faithful person. But when it comes down to it, a cheating woman can mean many things.

So let’s explore the reasons that women cheat in 2016.


In the past women have been the meek, quiet homemakers, who rely on their husbands for support. But the way things are now; we are the breadwinners in many households. With that, a lot of women don’t have a traditional view on relationships thus the freedom we experience as 21st century females make it harder for some to stay committed. Ultimately, we are not our mothers.


This is the reason that “experts” give for a woman’s cheating. While I think that it’s sexist to say that a woman’s cheating is purely emotional, it is one valid reason. If we feel like there is no connection with the man in our lives, it does lead us to search for that feeling some place else. Honestly, there is nothing wrong with wanting to be emotionally connected to someone so have a talk with them before the situation becomes cheating or perhaps, just move on.


People like to assume that a woman’s cheating has nothing to do with the physical, but that is not true. Just like a man is turned on and aroused by what he sees and acts on it, the same is for women. So yes, sometimes we cheat simply because a man is good looking.


Just as it’s true that women like what they see, we also like what we feel. As unfair as it may sound, some women prefer a certain size on a man and if she is with someone who doesn’t meet that standard, she will look for it some place else. He can be a good guy who is emotionally there for her, but eventually that may not be enough once she is honest with herself.


If a woman leads a life that lacks excitement and a sense of adventure, having an affair or starting a new secret relationship will definitely give that to her. The routine of life can cause us to lose something we once had. Some even lose themselves. In an attempt to get back a semblance of who we are, cheating is one way to explore another aspect of our lives.


If there is something going on in our relationship that is causing resentment, there is more than likely a lack of respect for our significant other. When a woman doesn’t respect a man, she will cheat on him.

Relationships are tough and we don’t always get it right. Nevertheless, in my view, man or woman, cheating is never the answer.

Staff Writer; Rasheda Abdullah


2 Responses to “Why Do Women Cheat in 2016.”
  1. Latasha M. says:

    I know the feeling and so can relate.
    Learn from this mistake and move on with life.

  2. Shirley says:

    Good list here.

    Just know things happen. We are all human and have needs.

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