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Lone Gunmen and Magic Bullets: The Real Assassination of John F. Kennedy.

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(ThySistas.comWith all the political unrest and instability in recent years, people have begun to question things more. People are so much more aware of political wrongdoings nowadays. And we have started to question and assess what we’re told much more. There could even be a political revolution coming in a few years, with politicians taken to account for their actions.

There have been a lot of conspiracy theories over the years, on an array of topics. In fact, theorists like David Icke have written numerous books on conspiracies. But, one of the biggest conspiracy theories of all time is the JFK assassination.

Throughout the years there have been many takes on the Kennedy assassination. We all know the “official” scoop that was wheeled out, first by the US government, and then by the Warren Commission. jfkennedy-2017They both told us that, after investigation, it was concluded to be the work of a lone gunman.

Lee Harvey Oswald remains the only person to have been accused and suspected of the assassination. Though, as we are all too aware, he was conveniently executed en route to his trial.

Despite the alleged findings of the Warren Commission, and the claim of a solo gunman, something has never felt right. In many ways, the Kennedy assassination was the original conspiracy theory. The first time so many of us stood up and exclaimed ‘You what now?!’ in the face of nonsensical findings. And it’s still a debate that has raged to this day. So, what really happened that fateful Friday in November of 1963?

Well, we may never know thanks to Oswald’s death, and the US government subpoenaing the Kennedy files. Though some of these files will allegedly be released next year. However, there are people out there who tend to think there’s something rotten in Denmark. My major problem with the lone gunman theory is that it just doesn’t add up. If you consider the wounds sustained by both Kennedy himself, and by John Connally, you’ll see what I mean.

To wit, there were multiple wounds caused to both men, both fatal and non-fatal. Now, the Warren Commission, in their investigation ruled that Oswald was the only shooter. The way they came to this conclusion was by something called the Magic Bullet Theory (sometimes known as the Single Bullet Theory). The theory posits that a single bullet was responsible for causing all the wounds to Connally and all the non-fatal wounds to Kennedy.

Yes, this is a genuine thing. If that sounds implausible, wait until you hear this. In order for that to be the case, the bullet would have to have performed the following miracle. Pass through 15 layers of clothing, 7 layers of skin, shatter a radius bone, hit a necktie knot, remove 4 inches of rib, and traverse 15 inches of tissue.

Is your jaw up off the floor yet? Exactly, it seems laughable, and yet this is the genuine theory that the Warren Commission wheeled out. It was used to support the theory that Oswald acted alone. Furthermore, the bullet in question remained almost fully intact after performing its miracle! Now, that is one remarkable bullet!

It would be highly implausible and almost physically impossible for one bullet to have caused all these wounds. On top of this, the bullet would have to have defied the laws of physics and gravity to make these wounds. And yet, by the Warren Commission’s own admission it wasn’t marked with any human blood, tissue, or clothing.

The ridiculousness of all of this certainly points to two possible alternative theories. Either, a) Oswald was working with at least one other shooter, maybe more. Or, b) Oswald was not involved in the assassination in any way. Either way, it seems almost certain there was a conspiracy within the government to assassinate Kennedy.

These days something like this would not go unquestioned, and it never should again. Always make sure you keep an open mind, always do your own research, and question everything.

Staff Writer; Kimberly Burke


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