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Using The Internet To Grow Your Business. It’s Not Just For Sending Emails!

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(ThySistas.comWhen we think of using the internet for business use, we probably think of sending and receiving the dreaded email! Or maybe looking up the location of somewhere that you need to get to on Google maps. But there is so much more that the internet has to offer the business person. Read on to discover what that is.

Keep track of your accounts

Firstly, you can now use an online service to keep track of your business accounts. Some people are concerned by the security of this but don’t worry most have several layers of protection. These include sending you a text message with a login in code each and every time you sign in. The system will also log you out automatically after a certain amount of time. That means someone cannot stumble across your details if you are using a shared computer. So you can be sure that all of your financial information is guarded well.BlackBusinessWoman-2016

Using an online account program to deal with the financial side of your business is also a fabulous idea because it means that you can keep all of your transactions, receipts in one place. The best programs often have a facility for uploading a picture or pdf of your receipts. They also help you to do an automatic running calculation of your tax. Which can be such a difficult thing to keep on top of.

In addition, online accounts programs can even help you invoice customers. Did you know that customers using an online invoice and payment methods are twice as likely to receive a quicker payment that the old regular paper method?

Get music

Another thing that business owners can use the internet is for stock music. Sites like NEO Sounds allow you to pay a one-off fee to use their music as many times, and for as long as you like. That means you can add music to your website, phone system or even an app you are developing. But you can always be sure that you are covered for the legality of using it, always for a one off fee.

Advertise an employment opportunity

Another essential way that business owners can use the internet is for the recruitment process. Smaller places may post an advert of a job site online. A larger business may direct inquiries to a specially formatted contacts page. This can allow potential new employees to make an account and monitor when new suitable roles come up.

Other businesses do the entire first stage of their recruiting completing online. These include using personality, writing and numeracy tests to weed out those that would be unsuitable. This, then makes the interview pool more focused on the employer’s specific wants and needs, ensuring a better fit for the position.  

Advertise for work

Lastly many companies advertise or promote their work over the internet. There are several ways of using this. You can run a web add throughs others sites. You can insert your product and service into blogs by offering the writer complimentary products. Or you can join review pages for service, restaurants or hotels.

Also If you are a freelancer, there are a variety of sites where that you can use to set up a profile and bid for available jobs like Fiverr and Upwork.

Staff Writer; Amy Wood



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