Monday, December 4, 2023

Sometimes it’s Healthy to Unplug.

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( There is so much going on in the world. We are constantly bombarded with information that is disheartening, and disturbing. With each passing day it seems more people are becoming desensitized as shock value reaches new heights. Grant it social media has shown the public the details of ugly truths we have always been aware of such as police brutality. Yet, we must still ask ourselves how a constant plug in to social media affect our mental and overall health. Are we a society that is addicted to social media? Are we so caught up in such that we are forgetting to fully experience life?

Phones and tablets are attached to our hands the majority of our days. We can’t even go on vacation and enjoy the people that we are with. Everything has to be posted on Facebook, Instagram, Snap Chat or whatever is new. In the heat of posting we miss so much. 2016-happy-black-woman-outsideLife is precious, and it’s shorter than we think. We are becoming a society that spend more time posting our lives than living it. Maybe sometimes it good to have hours, and maybe even days, whereby we completely engage in what’s tangibly going on around us.

Our babies seem to have to vie for our affections and attention with our phones. My two year old will try to move my phone out of the way when he needs my attention. It doesn’t matter if I’m talking to his father, or responding to email…he wants my time. Children deserve to have our time, attention and hands on involvement in their lives. Sometimes we have to catch social media latter because they are more important.

Our kids know when they are not a priority, and they are smart enough to know what won the attention battle. It’s very hard to train a child that is disengaged because they feel neglected. Yes, sometimes we must put the phone down. Trust me social media will be there, but our children are constantly growing and need our attention and guidance.

Lastly, we must consider our mental health. There is something not right about being able to watch a human being get murdered in cold blood, rewind watch it again…rewind watch it again. We open our phones or go to our timelines and videos instantly begin to play, and the content is beyond disturbing. What are we feeding our spirits through this manner of engagement? Granted I understand why such content is available, and purpose it is meant to serve.

With that being said we are also sitting back watching fights, and other manners of energy that can bring us down over time. We no longer have to turn on the TV to get the news because it’s all over social media 24/7. We are constantly seeing the phrase “Breaking News”, and people are being killed all over the world. To stay plugged into such a potent onslaught of pain and suffering can not only affect us mentally, but put stress on the body physically.

Sometimes we need to unplug from the “system”, and take in the fresh air. We must experience the beauty that’s still in the world, and share it with real people real time. Yes, a lot of pressing issues are going on…but it’s sad to say they may be going on for quite some time. Take the time to love those around you fiercely, and enjoy being in the moment. Many of us may still fancy social media and that’s cool, but we will also recapture joy, beauty and our peace by simply unplugging at times.

Staff Writer; Christian Starr

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