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Asking Questions is the Key to Finding Solutions.

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( Everyone has an answer for everything! Yet most are irritated by questions being asked. In the classroom setting, students are often encouraged to hold their questions until the end. Of course, such a suggestion causes them to fall further behind as it is extremely difficult to continue following along to something you do not understand. At home, children who ask questions are often met with “because I said so” as a reasonable explanation to their question.

We reside in a society where many lack understanding simply because we fear the rejection and ridicule often associated with asking questions. Great leaders asks great questions. Followers are content with any morsel of insight that may fall into their lap.2016-Black-woman-in-a-meeting

3 Keys to seeking a solution:

1. Pay Attention. Be aware of what is going on around you. The moods of the people you are interacting with, the feel of the environment… is it warm and loving or hostile and cold? What energy feels the room? Energy is created by the thoughts of those within the space. If the energy is negative, it is a result of the thoughtforms of the inhabitants. Pay attention to spoken words as well as that which goes unsaid.

2. Ask, Ask, Ask. Conversation rules the nation! When we are capable of asking good questions, we receive good insight as a result. Never be afraid to ask someone who knows, it is likely they learned from someone as well.  Those who do not ask questions are more likely to settle into life as followers.

3. Act on Insight Received. When you receive answers to your questions, act on it immediately. Learn to put your knowledge into motion rather than holding on to it. It is not a secret! The more you share, the more you receive.

Before you leap into decision, sit down and ask yourself some questions. The goal is not to increase your level of fear or lead you into procrastinating, asking questions actually does the opposite. When we ask difficult questions from the beginning, we strategize to eliminate obstacles that we would have faced on down the line. Ask and ye shall know!

Happy Questioning!

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