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Exploring F.E.A.R: False Expectations Appearing Real.

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( “What you are afraid to do is a clear indication of the next thing you need to do.” –Ralph Waldo Emerson

There are numerous fears that can immobilize us or lead us into procrastinating. Learning to accept personal flaws and that our life journey is all about soul growth, development and expansion, we can begin to confront our fears rather than running from them or making excuses. Everyone deals with fear! This is apart of our soul development process on Planet Earth. The challenge is learning to recognize your fears, making the decision to confront your fears and finally overcoming your fear.

Common Fears:

1. Fear of Imperfection. Often we desire things to be in perfect 2016-black-woman-thinkingorder prior to us starting whatever it may be that we need to accomplish. If we desire to start a business, we want to know how we are going to build the website, what will be on the website, where we will be located, how much money we will make a month and what obstacles will come up with several tactics to solve them. We put off our dreams and goals waiting for the “perfect” timing to arrive. If you have ever sat down to converse with an elder who is still full of hopes and dreams from their youth, you already know there is no “perfect” timing. All we have is right now! You must be willing to learn and grow as you go.

2. Fear of Unknown. I will be the first to admit that it is difficult walking a path in the dark seeking only the light at the end of the tunnel just to see exactly where you are. Walking the path of the unknown requires not only faith in a higher power but also faith in one’s self. You must learn to trust that your heart and intuition will guide you in the direction you desire to go. Those who walk the path of the unknown are often led into ventures they would never dared to dream about. When we aim too low in life, we are often put upon the path of the unknown to help us realize our full potential.

3. Fear of Success. Yes, many people fear success. Why else do you think we happily say “more money more problems”? Many of us see success as something we will lose close friends and family as a result of or that we will attract people in our lives who simply want to use or mislead us. We reside in a society where we are encouraged to look to those doing worse than us in our hard times to find comfort rather than looking to those positioned where we desire to be. We are programmed to desire work hard and desire little. Greatness is not something you become, you were either created with it or not.

4. Fear of Change. We are in love with comfort! We want one perfect job, one perfect lover, perfect children, the perfect car and a daily routine that we can settle into. We refuse to accept that the only thing constant in life is change. As we experience life our thoughts, beliefs, desires, goals, environment, pleasure, etc. changes. We must learn to make peace with change, in fact we must reprogram ourselves to seek out change. We can see the need for change on a national and personal level currently, we need not be afraid of doing things differently than those who came before you. Innovation is the key to change.

It has been said that “there is nothing to fear except fear itself” but recognize there are levels to this. A person who can not swim may confront their fear of water enough to learn how to swim in the pool, but another battle may need to be waged in order to face the fear of swimming in deeper areas of the pool or even at the beach. See your battle with your fears all the way through!

Blessed Releasing!

Staff Writer; Dina Tuff

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One Response to “Exploring F.E.A.R: False Expectations Appearing Real.”
  1. Marque Anthony says:

    Fear is a lot more than the bootleg definition Creflo Dollar assigned to it years ago. Sometimes fear is an accurate response, not an unnatural one. Thus the cliche that there is nothing to fear but fear itself is not always accurate either. Phobias are one thing but fear based on real facts is another. The author here might want to do some more research on this topic instead of taking a position only based on one side of the issue.

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