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How You Can Have More Money In Your Bank Than Ever Before.

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( Do you want to look at your bank account and see those commas piling up? You’ve come to the right place! There are so many different techniques you can use to get more money in your bank account. There’s no need to do anything dishonest, like stealing or avoiding tax either. By just trying a few of these tips you can make sure you have more money in your bank. Take a look and see what you can do…

Completely Change Your Attitude To Money

If you want more money, the first thing you do isn’t go and get a better job or ask for a promotion. The first thing you need to do is a bit of inner work. This might sound strange to you, but stick with me. Metaphysics is a very real thing, and many people will tell you that once you change your inner world, your outer world changes too. Your outer world actually reflects your inner world. If something is going terribly wrong outside of you, it might be a good idea to ask yourself what’s going on inside for this to happen! But that’s for another blog post. Let’s focus on money. How do you change your attitude to money. First, try writing down all of your beliefs towards money, however silly or absurd they may seem. Some people believe things like:

  • Money is really hard to come by.
  • You have to work very hard to get any money.
  • Money is the root of all evil.
  • Paying bills is a chore.
  • I’m not worthy of money.
  • I wasn’t meant to be rich or have any money.

Write down every single thing that comes to mind. You then need to work on changing your beliefs towards money. After all, money is just another form of energy. You shouldn’t let anybody else’s beliefs change what you believe. People with lots of money didn’t necessarily find it hard to come by, or work themselves into the ground to get it. They simply believed that they could do it, and they did. When you pay bills, be grateful you have money to pay the bills. Start appreciating everything you have, even if it’s something you 00-2016-BlackWomanMoney‘have’ to pay. The more you appreciate and love money (not in a Scrooge way), the more of it you will accumulate. Don’t expect your beliefs to change overnight, though. It’ll take time to change things you’ve been brought up to believe or have felt for a while. Don’t give up. It might seem silly at first, but you’ll eventually start to see results.

Get Into A Money Mindset

Now, you need to get into a money mindset. This doesn’t mean you have to do whatever it takes to get money. It doesn’t mean it’s the only thing you care about. It just means that you start telling yourself a different story. You tell yourself that you will have money. That you’re going to come by it some how. The how doesn’t need to be clear right now. You just have to believe that the money will be yours. Better yet, get into the mind frame that it already is! Don’t go out and buy a Chanel bag – just act like the you you would be if you had it. Amazing things have happened by ‘acting as if’.

Make Affirmations All The Time

Make affirmations each and every day. People use affirmations for all kinds of things, from uplifting their confidence to losing weight. Start using money focused affirmations. Some amazing examples are as follows:

  • Money flows easily to me.
  • I make money just by being me.
  • I have money thanks to doing what I love.
  • I am a money magnet!
  • I am worthy of abundance.

It’s best if you word your affirmations in the present tense. This will give you the feeling of already having it! However, a word of caution: make sure you’re in good spirits as you use your affirmations. The way you feel about the affirmations makes all the difference. If you say these things and feel the opposite, it’ll have the adverse effect. Word them in a way that suits you better if that helps.

Change The Way You Speak

Now you’ve changed your mindset and the story you tell yourself about money, start changing the way you speak, even to other people. If you knew just how powerful your words were, you’d never speak a negative word ever again! Of course, if somebody asks you to do something and you just can’t afford it, it can be difficult to think of a way to word it that isn’t negative. Just do your best and don’t feel downhearted if you have to explain to somebody you don’t have the cash right now. Keep your spirits high and things will change!

Make A Plan

Instead of just thinking you want money and lots of it, make an actual plan. How much money would you like? Don’t be greedy or unrealistic. Of course in metaphysics, any amount is possible. But the key is that you believe, deep down in your core that it’s possible. If you can’t see yourself actually having 1million a month to spend on whatever you like, then it won’t happen. You can start small if you like and then increase the amount when you beliefs start to change properly. In your plan include how much money you’d like, how you plan on getting it (although you don’t need to know this for definite right away), when you want it by, things like that. Having a plan helps to propel you forward even more!

Make A Budget

Now, if you’re currently having a bit of trouble financially, it makes sense to create a budget. Don’t make your budget out of a fear and lack mindset, however. This will go against everything we’ve discussed thus far! Simply work out what you have coming in and going out. How much you have to spend and on what. Knowing exactly what you have coming in/going out can help you to be smarter about your purchases.

Make A Vision Board

To go with everything we’ve discussed so far, why not make a vision board? Set some time aside and create a board full of images that motivate you, inspire you, and lift you up. You can even include quotes. Put this board somewhere you see it every day! This instills the things you want into your conscious and subconscious mind. Pretty soon the law of attraction states that these things will come to you!

Download Apps

There are so many apps out there that can help you with your finances. Even apps that will link up with your accounts so you can see what’s happening in real time. It’s a great way to stay on top of everything!

Take On More Work

You don’t necessarily need to work more to get more money. This is a myth that many people believe, simply because they have a bad attitude to money. However, taking on more work in the short term could top you up and help you to get back on track. If your ‘work’ is something that you love or really enjoy, that’s even better.

Set Up A Side Business

If you have skills you’d like to use, why not set up a side business? Take a chance. Maybe start in a way that won’t cost you much to begin with. When we follow our passions, we usually end up making a profit from it. That’s how the world works! Life and work isn’t supposed to be hard. People just think it is. If you don’t agree with any of this, it’s because you haven’t changed your beliefs yet. Remember, inner world equals outer world.

Sell Things You No Longer Use Or Need

Decluttering is a great way to make more room for things to come. If you have things lying around that you don’t use and don’t even serve the purpose of looking beautiful, then you should probably sell them. You can sell things like old mobiles and laptops online at BuyBack Express. You can take your clothes to charity and get a small amount of money for them per bag, or sell them online using selling sites. Not only will you make extra cash to put in your bank this way, you’ll declutter and make room in your life for all of the great things to come.

Get Out Of Debt

If you’re in debt, one of the best things you can do is get out of it as fast as possible. Interest quickly builds up! It’s up to you how you pay your debts off, but it makes sense to pay the highest interest debts off first. The least you can do is stop using credit cards and store cards to make purchases. If you don’t have the cash and it isn’t an emergency, this is a bad idea.

Hopefully this guide completely turns your life around!

Staff Writer; Ebony Jones


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