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Animal Power: What Can You Learn from the Spirit of Wolf?

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( Shamans believe that every living person carries with them the a power or spirit animal who adds to their personal power and wisdom. Spirit animals are similar to guardian angels who work to protect, guide, inspire and warn us of danger if it is approaching. Each animal has its own skills, traits, habits and spirit as well as powerful lessons they wish to teach us, of course when we “the students” are ready. Some spirit animals will spend a lifetime with us, while others will enter into our lives for one experience or lesson. In our times of need, we are able to tap into the spirit, power and energy of any animal that we are able to relate with and have an understanding of.

Wolf is the pathfinder, the great teacher who goes forth to learn new ideas and returns to teach their clan. Wolf gains wisdom by walking the path and experiencing life personally. Those who walk with Wolf spirit, practice what they preach and often gives advice using their personal stories.Pensive businesswoman biting end of pencil in office

Moving at night and attuned with grandmother Moon, Wolf delves into the deepest innermost mysteries of the soul and accessing intuition/psychic powers. The moon reflects the emotional and unconscious self, the divine center within us which holds the secrets and understanding of the Great Mystery and Life. Wolf is the emobodiment of knowledge and wisdom giving those gifted with wolf medicine inner knowledge, deep faith, profound understanding , fierce independence and a passion for freedom.

Wolf teaches us that we can learn from anything including trees, plant, rain, thunder, animals, stones and stars if only we listen and open ourselves to the mysteries of nature. Wolf communicates through the senses and espressions with the hands, face, posture and tone of voice.

It has been said that Wolf is the highest animal on the spiritual plane and are looked at as the messengers between the Divine/Supreme Force and human beings. Wolf’s wisdom includes: guidance in dreams and meditation, taking advantage of change, social and family values, ability to pass unseen, steadfastness and the skill to protect.

Those with Wolf spirit animals/totem are very expressive with hands, posture and their face. Wolf people are empowered to communicate verbally with appropriate body language.

Wolf Keywords: Loyalty, Friendlines, Intelligence, Compassionate, Communication,Generosity, Cunning, Intuition, Learning, Inner Strength, Discipline, Respect, Order and Guardianship

When wolf spirit shows up its time to breathe new life into your daily rituals. Find a new path, take a new journey and take control of your life. You create and direct your life! Do so with harmony and discipline, only then you will know the true spirit of freedom.

Staff Writer; Dina Tuff

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