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What Do You Really Know About Angels?

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( As a lover of the divine, spiritual realm and the occult, I often find myself in conversations where I am sharing occult (hidden) information that many fear or have been taught to reject. I am constantly amazed at the number of Christians who believe in an acknowledge Angels yet do not work with them. I am equally amazed at the number of non-Christians who believe angels are subjected or limited to the human religious experience.

Angels are not allowed to interfere in our day to day affairs except in cases of extreme danger hence when our guardian angels fly in and take the wheel. Angels are our closest friends who will remain by our sides, whether we are right or wrong, and say absolutely nothing. Why? Because we did not ask! or because we are not open. Think of all the times you have gotten upset with friends or family members who gave you advice that you did not seek. With Angels, a closed mouth will not get fed.2016-blackwoman-angels-2016

Now, for those of you who may feel its wrong or a sin to ask Angels for assistance rather than God. I ask you, do you call up family and friends for financial, emotional or spiritual help from time to time? Is that not a sin? After all, you are asking another person for help rather than going to God… right? Do you go to the doctor for check-ups or to receive medicine when you are ill? God/Spirit/Source works through people, angels, animals, spirit guides, nature, water, crystals/rocks… any of the creation. Do not limit the Supreme Being, lest you miss out on the wisdom, healing and miracles you greatly desire and need.

Meet Some of the Angels:

Uriel meaning “God is my light” is known as the angel of wisdom. I often work with Uriel when I desire assistance before making a final decision and when I’m seeking fresh, creative ideas whether for work, play or personal growth. Angel Uriel helps us to release destructive, limiting emotions such as anger and hatred, towards ohers and our life experiences.

Ariel meaning “Lion of God” is aligned with Nature which includes animals, elementals, air/wind, water, etc. Angel Ariel is well known for her teachings of Divine Magick and Miraculous Manifestation or that which we refer to as “miracles“. Also known for Miraculous Consciousness, Archangel Ariel keeps us release the illusions of limitation which we hold in our thoughts, words, emotions and intentions.

Metatron is the only angel who was once human, hence has experience with the life journey. Metatron helps us to realize our potential, maintain defined boundaries in all relationships and helps us to be authentic in who we are. Metatron also works closely with advanced, crystal children and those with learning disabilities.

Michael meaning “He who is like God” is the defender and protector of mankind. I find Angel Michael to be no-nonsense, meaning he comes in, does his job and keeps it moving. I work with Archangel Michael when I need to cut unhealthy etheric/energetic cords that may be binding myself to another for negative reasons that do not benefit myself or the other person. I may work with Angel Michael to cut cords after an argument, a romantic or friendship breakup and even sex.

Raphael meaning “God Heals” is the angel of healing. I’ve found Angel Raphael to have a gentle, soothing side which allows for humor in the process of healing. I often call on Raphael when my allergies and asthma flair and his approach to healing is different everytime. At times its information on changing my diet, adding certain foods, bathing in a particular essential oil or using particular breathing techniques. Let me add that when I seek assistance for my asthma, it is not a full blown attack, for such I’d seek immediate medical care in addition to the insight I receive from Angel Raphael. Raphael is able to assist in healing anything from relationships to illness, I say assist because you must participate in your own healing journey or it will not work.

Raziel meaning “Secrets of God” is the angel who heals us on a spiritual and psychic level. If you have a dream that you are unsure about or desire to have interpreted, Angel Raziel is the one. In the Kabbalah Raziel is described as the embodiment of Divine Wisdom. This Divine Wisdom can be used to help us decode spiritual texts and messages. Raziel also assists us in learning about our past life experiences and understanding eperiences that we face in our present life as a result. I work with Raziel when I am doing spiritual readings or writing about the occult for a greater understanding of the information and so that I can make it as clear and simple as possible to whomever I may be sharing it with.

Gabriel meaing “Messenger of God” is the angel mentioned in the Bible and the Qur’an. Angel Gabriel is the patron angel of teachers, journalists and writers assisting them in getting their message out to those who are most in need. Gabriel deals with communication and can be called upon if you have a public presentation to make or desire to have a heart to heart with someone close to you but struggle to find the words. Angel Gabriel helps us find our voice and realize that we deserve to be heard.

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