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The Magick of Life: Reflections of Lessons in 2016.

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( On February 25, 2016 I decided that rather than reflecting on the lessons I’ve learned and the goals accomplished at the end of the year, I would commit to 60 day self evaluations to ensure I maximize my time and that I am recogning my lesson the first time. Self evaluations give us the opportunity to see where we are progressing, what still needs to be worked on, where we have grown, what we have released and what is no longer necessary in our journey.

Today I am sharing 5 of the 10 Lessons discussed on Magick 17.5 The FIX, please share your a few of the lessons you’ve learned in the comment section.

*Preparation is in the moment. Patience and preparation can be interchanged in this case, we focus more on being “patient” than we do on getting prepared. Preparation requires patience which is the dedication, passion and discipline needed to remain consistent when you are not reaping rewards. Anything that needs to be done, needs to be done in the moment. Thoughts, ideas, energy and action can Portrait of young woman lying on picnic blanket in parknot be scheduled for a later time, you must align with them as they come up. All of this is preparation! Focus your energy on what needs to be done rather than what you desire to get it. After all, what is a writer with no articles/books/samples? A musician with no music? A teacher with no lessons? If the opportunity has not arrived, its a sign you’re not ready… prepare, prepare, prepare.

*Accept opportunities as they come up. No matter how small and mediocre the opportunity may be, if it is new and aligned with the direction you desire to go or a lesson you need to learn, accept it. Any opportunity that comes up making you feel uncomfortable, unprepared and unsure should be the first ones you accept if you are ready to moved beyond your comfort to break barriers. We turn down opportunities because the pay is not what we want, we fail to realize who may be in the audience or who we may bump into while doing the work. Think bigger than what is in front of you, dream bigger.

*Take your time and do things right the first time. Slow down enough to get your lesson the first time, especially when you’re doing something you already don’t want to do. I can think of countless times I have sent my daughter to redo a task which she wasted precious time half doing the first go around. I can think of countless times I have started a projected and changed paths because things were not moving as quickly as I desired and in every case I was able to move forward for a few months, even years in some cases but I also ended up being sent back to complete the mission because I did not do it right the first time. Save yourself the heartache and/or headache, slow down, listen and find the lesson in every single experience life sends you.

*Spend time alone with yourself. Most of us will take an unhealthy relationship, a second job we hate and any other distraction to keep us from spending time with ourselves. Anything worth having is worth waiting for and working for, we have heard the phrase numerous times and yet we still struggle to work on the relationship we’re in with ourselves. We have mastered the art of learning, supporting and assisting others more than ourselves. We can see the potential in others and will go the distance to pull that potential out of them while neglecting our own gifts and talents. We place our worth in the hands of others, eagerly turning our power over, anything to avoid self. The more time you spend alone, the more you learn about yourself, the more healing and releasing you are able to receive and the clearer your vision becomes. This is not to say you have to spend a lifetime alone, the time you invest into strengthening your relationship with self should be a daily process.

On Thursday, April 21, 2016 we delved into The Magick of Life by Reflecting on the Lessons of 2016 by visiting Mark your calendar for Sunday, June 26th so that you can call in and share your reflections and lessons.

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