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The Law of Correspondence: You Get What You Give!

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( The Universal Law of Correspondence says that our outer world or reality reflects our inner world, meaning that our feelings, thoughts, beliefs and visions create out life experiences. Ancient wisdom states “As above, so below” and “Whatever is above is like that which is below, and whatever is below is like that which is above“.

We can easily see this law in effect when we go out into the world in a bad mood or possessing a snappy attitude and we bump into other people who are in a bad mood and are ready to snap. When our self-esteem is low within, its reflected in our outer world as we cross paths with other people as well as commercials and billboards that confirm the negative feelings we have towards ourselves. When we do not see value in ourselves, those in our outer world misuse and take advantage of us, again reconfirming our lack of self-worth.

So often we attempt to change ourselves from the outside. We wantblackwoman-thinking-2016 to lose weight so we immediately begin going to the gym and denying ourselves of our favorite foods for a specific timeframe but we often fail to work on the thoughts, beliefs and behaviors that allowed us to put on extra weight/waste. This is the reason why many men and women reach their desired weight or size yet are unable to maintain it for longer than a year. They did the outer work, while failing to shift their inner reality.

Any outer change we desire to make, must be accompanied by an equal inner change. This process requires that we take full responsibility for our current reality and life experience. At times we are unable to grow, to shift and to evolve simply because we refuse to accept that we have misused or handed our personal power over to others.

We rush to blame the television, the music we listen to, social media, our friends, our family, the government and anyone in line aside from ourselves. Now, I’m not saying that outside influences do not impact our frame of thinking but we do have power over the friends we select, the programs we watch, the music we purchase, the entertainment we seek and the way we interact and receive information from government officials.

Our thoughts, beliefs and attitudes are our own and unless we desire to live a life of pointing fingers as the powerless often do, we must choose to take charge of our inner selves in this very moment and begin creating the life we desire by programming the proper thoughts, beliefs, attitudes and behaviors that will assist us in shifting our inner reality to reflect our more authentic self. This is the process that leads to reaching our full potential.

Before we can experience freedom in our outer reality, we must experience freedom within. Join us on April 5th @ 10 p.m on Mind Magick as we delve into the Law of Correspondence at

Blessed Shifting!

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