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Quiz Yourself: Are You Living Accidentally or On Purpose?

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( If you’re a parent, aunt, uncle or someone who has been in the presence of children behaving as children, you have no doubt experienced a time when two of those darling little rascals are playing and your sense of peace has been interrupted with the robust sound of someone crashing through the screen door, invading your tranquility or moment of intense focus, “Baahh hahhh!  she hit me in the face with a [stick, snowball, baseball, hockey puck…you choose] Whaaaahhhh!” .  Upon inquiry, you receive a first hand confession from the accused, “I didn’t mean to do it…it was an accident!”

Now, depending on our experience with these little darlings, our belief in this confession may be questionable.  Was it an accident, or did they do it on purpose?

As you consider your verdict, consider the meaning of the phrase “on purpose”.  As you consider the meaning of this phrase, answer for me, are you using the word purpose as a noun or a verb?

How Do I Know?

In working with victorious women,  I help them to determine if they are living accidentally or on purpose.  Part of the work they 2016-sisters-sistas-black-woman-thinkingundertake in making that definite determination is through identification and dissection of their spiritual gifts.  By dissecting, I am referring to the process of interpreting how these special gifts are to be used to fulfill their God directed purpose. Many women are simply unaware of their purpose,  let alone their spiritual gifts.  The sad commentary to this is that each of us currently possess all that we need to fulfill our purpose, we’re just not sure how to retrieve it.

The all too common question I hear is, “What is my purpose and am I living according to that purpose?”  As I guide these women on the path through spiritual growth, they discover their spiritual gifts and learn how to use them as the tools that have been given to them to carry out their purpose.

In today’s vocabulary lesson, you may have guessed it, my focus is on the definition of purpose, not as a noun, but as a verb; on point, forward moving, intentional  and marked by careful consideration.


To help you to understand whether you are living accidentally or on purpose, test yourself with this brief quiz. For each statement, give yourself a score from 1-10 points, 1 being “I never feel this way” and 10 being “I feel this way all the time”.

I am fully aware of my spiritual gifts.
I know the purpose that God has called me to fulfill.
I understand how my spiritual gifts relate to my purpose.
I am using my spiritual gifts to fulfill my purpose.
I am aware of the obstacles that are in place to preventing me from fulfilling God’s purpose for my life.
I am decisive, I can make decisions despite uncertainties and ambiquity
I go out on a limb for what is right, even if it means jeopardizing my association.
I believe there is a direct connection between my purpose and what brings me joy.
I want more out of life than what I am getting.
I don’t allow fear to stop me from doing what I know I need to do.

Total your responses and see where you are in the categories below:

(91 – 100)

You are living in your giftedness!  You know your God given purpose and are using your spiritual gifts to ensure that you are making an impact in the lives of others.


You have a greater sense of who you are then most people.  You are in a position to begin working according to your purpose with just a little more focus.


You are doing well in many areas, but may need to gain clarity.  Look back at your lower scores.  Is there a theme?  How can you raise your scores in these areas?


It’s time to take a serious look at where you are and begin to reflect on what it will take to get you to a place of fulfillment.

(60 & below)

Don’t despair.  This score simply explains why life seems overwhelming and difficult at times.  As you work to identify your purpose, you will  begin to experience a sense of direction which will enable you to experience dramatic results in how you view, respond and address life’s challenges and place you on the path toward living “on purpose”.

Whatever your score, you may just be at a strategic inflection point in your life where you are ready to begin a transformative process and serious about identifying your purpose.  Or you may have been receiving a gentle nudge to jump start your commitment to fulfilling it.  Whatever your case may be, take the steps now to ensure that you are not living life accidentally, but living it on Purpose!

I recently heard someone say that, (paraphrased)

If you have reached the tender age of 40, and you have yet to identify your purpose, it’s time to get serious about uncovering it”.

As a staunch advocate for human potential, and a companion and guide for women along their path toward spiritual growth, I would be honored to conduct a complimentary coaching session with you to discover where you are on your journey and guide you to the components that will assist you on your path of discovery.

Staff Writer; Pamela Byrd 

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