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Aries New Moon is Asking: Are YOU Enough?

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( On Thursday, April 7th we will be basking in the energies of the Aries New Moon. New moons are a time of new beginnings! It’s similar to the start of a new month or new year making it an ideal time to set intentions for goals you desire to achieve within the next 28-30 days. New moon intentions are met with the energies of the zodiac sign its stationed in adding distinct benefits and intensity to your goals.

Aries is the sign of optimism, spontaneity, courage, independence and magnetism. Aries rules the 1st house in astrology, our House of Self.. This house deals with self-awareness, personality, attitude, physical appearance, soul purpose, the aura, inner motivations and how others see you. Aries motto is “I AM, therefore I AM“.

This new moon is asking a very simple question, Are You Enough? Society standards, public perception and gender norms aside, are you enough for you? So many times we get caught up in 2016-moon-in-zodiacal-sign-ariescomparing ourselves to others. We compare our physique, our clothes, the way our clothes fit, our hair, our skin, our careers, our bank accounts, our lovers, we even go as far as to compare our children. Everything is reduced to an either/or competition: who wore it best, who said it best and who did it best?

We compare ourselves to one another so much that anyone who goes against the norms are looked at as strange or weird. We’re shown what’s fashionable to wear for each season and we constantly submit to having our originality stripped away from us. We crave to fit in so much that our social media pages are now filled with meme’s to “express” what we are feeling and thinking. Few of us would only dare to use our own words, thoughts and logics in public. We’ve been reduced to a nation of followers who simply like and share any and everything.

To have an opinion in this society is to be jealous, I mean only haters speak out against the norms. Parents are raising up a generation of youth who have fear of asking questions and a strong desire to eagerly follow the ways of the majority. Interestingly, there are only a handful of times in which the majority has been “right” hence why the majority rules. The majority is willing to be told which direction to move, when to breathe, when to eat, when to sleep, when to shop, what to buy, how to look, when to look, where to look and even what to find.

Thank Goddess for the divine timing of this Aries New Moon bringing forth the foresight, wisdom and power to destroy the illusions society has programmed within us that limits our ability to be authentically ENOUGH. This new moon is coming forth to slay all limitations that force us into a box and because Aries is focused on self, this new moon is all about you! Your process, your knowledge, your abilities, your purpose, your path and your mission.

Who are you? No really! Gender, relationship status, job title, religion & parental status aside… define yourself.

What makes you original? Are you a knock off of your favorite celebrity, teacher, preacher or other individual, or are you one of a kind.

Whats your super power/magick? We all possess at least one

What illusions are you ready to release? Anyone who looks at television, uses social media or socializes with other humans has a few illusions that aren’t suiting them

Now that you are the force, what are you going to do? Knowledge  isn’t power, corrective use of knowledge is. Now that you’re in the know, the next decision is deciding how to make us of your powers.

Aries energy moves quickly and just like time, will not wait on anyone. You have the power of choice to catch this wave of originality or you can fall back into formation until we call you forward to assist in making our dreams come true. Surely you know your either making your own dreams come true or making the dreams of others fall more easily into place.

God Speed! Happy Manifesting.

Staff Writer; Dina Tuff
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