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Divine Timing: Maintaining Patience In the “Process”.

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( For myself, there is nothing more frustrating than being reminded that “everything has its season” while living in this microwave lifestyle society. Everything comes fast! Our meals come flying out the restaurant window a few minutes after we’ve ordered, anyone whose ever been in trouble knows how quick those situations are to slip into, money spends quickly, we hit our 30s quickly and these days even relationships are starting and ending at a very fast pace.

Have you checked your watch lately? Time is not waiting on anyone! Everything and everyone around us seems to be moving at a rapid pace yet when it comes to manifesting our desires, that “season” thing rears it’s ugly head once again. I can recall starting my first business venture and constantly being told by others that everything takes time. Building your clientele takes time, getting your brand out there takes time, reaping the financial rewards takes time. That was additional time on top of the time that it took for me to decide what I desired to do, getting the necessary training and of course formulating my vision. Time, time, time!

This weekend I was riding to my hometown with my mother and the topic of divine timing came up, rearing its ugly head, knowing that I Beautiful woman using smartphonehave a project that I’m starting that’s a near and dear to heart soon. See, one thing I’ve learned in my life journey is that spirit has jokes and very few of them are funny to me (at least at the time). The reminder that nothing happens over night caused me to take a step back and really consider if this project is something I desire to put years of my blood, sweat, tears, love, magick, power and love into to begin with. Paul Coelho, author of “The Alchemist” stated it took nearly 20 years for his book to really take off. I had to ask myself, is this project so near and dear to that you are willing to nurture, love and honor it for 20 years, if necessary?

My response reminded me that patience, persistence and preparation is everything! It takes a great wealth of patience to work steadily at a goal when you can’t be certain its going to pay off in the way you imagined. Many of the things most needed in our communities are unavailable, not because no one has the knowledge, passion or desire to get it done, but because we want things, primarily success, to come quick. We want divine timing to come as quickly when we are pursuing our goals as it does when we lay down at night and 5 minutes later, hear the alarm clock sounding because its a new day… Right?

Unfortunately, that’s not the case! There is a universal law in place called the Law of Gestation that states that there is a time for everything under the sun. A time to laugh and a time to cry? But what do we do in the meantime?

Re-evaluate Your Vision: Ensure that you are putting your energy into a project/desire that is beneficial not only to you but those around you as well. Having a clear vision gives us the strength to move through the days when we feel like giving in or giving up, its our vision that helps us to move forward yet another moment.

Trust the Process: If you or anyone you know has given birth to a baby prior to the due date, you know many complications can arise as a result of an infant exiting the womb prematurely. Its the same with our intentions and goals, giving birth to them prematurely or rushing the process can lead to many complications such as insufficient funding, unnecessary failures, harsh lessons on patience, not to mention the population you are meant to serve may not even be ready to support you financially.

Acknowledge the Confirmations: I’ve asked myself several times if giving up is really a bad thing? There are some intentions that I’ve set for no other reason than to reap financial rewards, the only good in them would be what I was able to purchase as a result. When I’m moving along a path thats aligned with my highest good I receive a wealth of confirmations to strengthen my faith as I await alignment with Divine Timing. These confirmations may include opportunities to expand your knowledge and abilities with ease, assistance before you have a chance to ask, constant support and words of encouragment from those around you or reaping just enough money to keep you on the path.

Work Consistently in the Meantime: This is where I often struggle. I can think back nearly 3/4 years ago when I was hosting my radio program entitled “Mind Magick” and feeling no one was listening, no one was responding and that I was wasting not only my time but my money as well. Time is money and no one wants to lose both! Needless to say, in the NOW, I’m having to start my program yet again because the people are ready and searching. At times our dreams/goals/desires are years ahead of us but if we are consistent in our approach, we will be more than prepared for the demand when it arrives.

Accept the Rewards: Kill the “too good to be true” notion and receive the rewards that come to you in the process. There will be times you work your fingers to the bone and reap nothing, and times when you do the bare minimum and the rewards come pouring in. Don’t beat yourself down! Not everything requires maximum effort, there is a such thing as least effort or least resistance… learn it, work it, accept it!

I’m not going to pretend this process is easy, in fact its difficult, its frusrating, its painful and it wears on you especially if you compare your success to the success of others. I can say the beauty of this process is that you learn how to formulate and nurture an intention of nothingness into something that teaches you about your strengths, your powers and your ability to make magick happen. I even heard the second times a charm!

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