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Learning to Own YOU w/ the Taurus New Moon.

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( Happy New Moon in Taurus! On Friday, May 6th we will be basking in the energies of the Taurus new moon. New moons are a time of new beginnings! It’s similar to the start of a new year making it an ideal time to set intentions for goals you desire to achieve within the next 28-30 days. New moon intentions are met with the energies of the zodiac sign it’s stationed in adding more benefits and intensity for your goals.

Taurus is the sign of the sign of persistence, generosity, stability, sensual and feminine energy, peace, determination, reliance, endurance and realistic perspectives. Taurus rules the 2nd house in astrology, our house of Possessions. This house deals with owning our feelings and emotions, our inner selves, prana (life force energy) personal self-esteem, abilities/talents, needs, wants, value system, morals, values and monetary gains and losses. Taurus is ruled by the planet Venus, although often associated with the simplest aspects of love and money, also rules grace, charm, beauty, pleasures and artistic abilities. Taurus motto is “I have/possess, therefore I Am.”

The New Moon in Taurus is asking:

·         What do you value in life?

·         What do you value within yourself?

·         Who do you value?

·         What do you own/possess?

·         Material things and titles aside, who are you?

So often we crave to attract material things that we do not 2016-NewMoon-Taurusfeel worthy of possessing. We create an illusion within ourselves that we must work extremely hard to manifest these material things and spend our entire lives in the pursuit thereof. Unfortunately, for many of us when we finally work ourselves tirelessly doing jobs and things that we hate to attain what we desire, the thrill or satisfaction of our reward wears off quickly and we again set our sight on the next material thing we can possess never once questioning why we are so unfulfilled.

I am a firm believer that our life journey grants us the ability to enjoy the nice things, the beautiful things in life but I am also a firm believer in balance. That means taking pleasure in the beautiful as well as the ugly, the whole of our life journey, the whole of our personality. I have often ask myself, what good is it to have all I desire outside of myself when I have not found contentment and peace within myself? What good is it to surround myself with beauty, when I feel ugly within? What can I learn from standing in the light when I can not bear sitting in the dark?

We create a dysfunctional illusion of life where we want only the beautiful, light filled, material things and complete happiness. We fool ourselves into thinking that if we pray, meditate, treat others well, tell the truth, pay our tithes and do good works that our life will be perfect and we will have all we desire. We forget to include opportunities for our soul to grow, for us to fulfill our purpose and to deepen not only our relationship, but our innerstanding of Spirit/God/Source.

We want to own everything except that which is within us. We fear telling people the truth of who we are, we go out into the world putting our best foot forward as though we can move about with one foot for long. Why do we not put both feet to use? Why do we choose one aspect of ourselves over the other? Why do we put on focus on material things rather than on the void within that leaves us craving more things, even after the goal and material possess has been acquired? It is easy to distract ourselves with the pursuit of things, lovers, friends and experiences that we know do not add to our inner worth or self-value,

As a society, we’re so corrupt that we are willing to accept a person showing us they do not value us or what we stand for as long as they have money. I’ve seen numerous debates on social media over celebrities who lack values, a sense of community or the desire to uplift their fan base and each conversation ends with multiple people saying “well at least they have money”. We are willing to do anything for a dollar! We will sale our morals, good deeds, soul and passions for the sake of attaining money as though money can buy our way out of our inner feelings of worthlessness, sorrow, depression, suicidal thoughts, heartache and traumas.

We are so corrupt as a society that we are applauding the placement of the divine black feminine warrior spirit of Harriet Tubman who physically freed slaves on monetary currency that is now used to enslave members of society mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually. We are willing to turn the other cheek, IF, we can get a chance to buy that dream car, house or better yet that designer bag, t-shirt or shoe that we can not pronounce correctly. The souls of American citizens are for sale because we have sold our values, morals, talents, gifts and self-esteem for the opportunity to possess something that is far from infinite.

The Taurus New Moon is coming behind the Scorpio Full Moon which encouraged us to embrace our ugly, to assist us in possessing ourselves proudly like we possess those designer shoes. The Taurus New Moon is pushing us to possess our spiritual abilities and talents just as we do that luxury car or sophisticated job title. We value the names of celebrities more than our own! We will argue the case of our favorite entertainer but will not defend ourselves against injustice when it reveals itself in our lives. We run begging, pleading and crying for assistance when we are wronged yet are willing to engage in verbal warfare for an individual who does not know us simply because “they have money”.

The Taurus New Moon is saying “HELL NO! You will accept me for who I am, as I am and where I am, TODAY”. Those who refuse to submit will not drop dead, life will not come to an abrupt stop, the earth will not swallow them up whole… instead, they will encounter a series of events to keep them further distracted from connecting wholly to themselves and as a result, they will continue chasing the illusion of an American Dream that was never created with them in mind. Those who allow this empowering wave of energy to fill their beings will find that inner fulfillment, peace, understanding and personal satisfaction is what opens the flood gates from Heaven pouring forth abundance, healing, releasing, pleasure and soul growth. True wealth comes from within and manifests as the fulfillment of purpose in our physical reality. Find yourself, fulfill your purpose… manifest your dreams.

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