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Meditation: A Path to Peace.

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( As day to day activities become more hectic it is good to know there is a method by which peace can obtained.  Medical science is starting to come around to the advantages of meditation.  There are different types, and methods of meditating.  Once of the primary functions is to still the mind and body; one would want to shut out all internal and external distractions. Meditation does not have to be attached to a belief system to have a positive effect on your mental, and physical, health. Meditation doesn’t have to be a mystic stoic endeavor.  It can be a path to peace as one learns to train the mind to deal with life.  Meditation gives us a place to go to calm, balance and strengthen ourselves from the inside out.

Something as simple as a 20min meditation in the morning can prepare us to deal with challenges of the day.  Meditation can help battle stress, anxiety, anger, fear, sexual concerns, and certain health challenges such as high blood pressure.  The benefits are worth researching which meditation method best suits your needs.  This could be considered a part of taking care of oneself.  It is often very difficult for women to break free of the strongholds of “worry”.  If we are not careful we will find ourselves worrying about being worried.

Even when things in our lives seem to be going in a positive direction we can slip into worry because it has become a solid part of our mental and emotional state.  Implementing a meditation regimen would help one train their minds to block out worry hence giving way to a calm emotional state. If something challenging arises during our day we’d even know how to get to a quiet space inside at our desk, in our car, or even in the bathroom whereby we can bring our emotions and mind back to balance.

In addition to physical health benefits emotional balance is a great benefit of meditation.  As women we know that the stress and challenges of life can cause many kinds of negative emotional rollercoasters.  If we are not careful a negative emotional state can lead to irrational decision making.  That would only further complicate whatever we are facing.  Healthy meditation helps to alleviate overwhelming negative emotions.  Through meditation we can get a handle on our emotions so that we are not governed by them; they would no longer be a hindrance but an asset.

Meditation is a great way to help train our mind to navigate to the many challenges of life.  It doesn’t have to be difficult one need only be open minded and willing to try.  Though some practice meditation as a part of their spiritual practice it does not have to be connected to any religion nor belief system.  Below are some links to sites that can give more insight on the different types of meditation, and how to incorporate them into your daily life.

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