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Reciprocity Must Start with Self.

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( Everything in our lives is a process of sowing and reaping or what goes around comes around. Every day we can watch the news and see violence, injustice, unrest and all other sorts of evil. It happens so much that we can forget that we too are a part of the cycle of this world. It so easy for us to identify the injustice and harsh behavior around us daily. The hardest person to identify or address is the most important person in our lives…self. No matter what another soul does we can only truly be responsible for our thoughts, words and actions. We must trust that God is our vindicator and shield as we go about the process of purifying our own heart and thoughts.

Yes in reciprocity we give, or reciprocate, what we receive however, I would like to submit that we GET what we ourselves GIVE. In this thought Reciprocity does not start with others it begins with we ourselves. When compassion, mercy, kindness and forgiveness are a part of what we sow, to the point it is who we are, then we not only honor those before us but a deposit is made in the universe to receive these very same things. The evil of this world will try to convince us that our behavior is weak, passive and unnecessary.

As black women we hear so much about us being angry, however there is often a valid reason for the anger. With that being said we must embrace accountability, and us it as our ally…our weapon.  Forgiveness of self, and reciprocity within our own heart and soul will lead to the shedding of anger. One must remember that to walk in love is a heavenly mandate and, regardless of what we see, we shall reap the victory in this life.

It will not be an easy task at first, to allow reciprocity to begin with us, but the rewards are great. One can rest knowing that as they strive to better themselves they are preparing to become a movement in this world. The course of life, or history, has often be changed by the courage and tenacity of a few. There is no telling where we would be had not a few sacrificed, cared, loved, and sowed goodness in the universe.

I can honestly say I have learned, and am learning, first hand this Law in my own life. I am no longer the person that will reciprocate whatever is given me…even if it is bad behavior. My journey has thought me through mentorship and meditation in Gods way that reciprocity begins with me. I will give you what I want to receive instead of waiting my entire life to receive it first. In this train of thought one can expect more than mere material success in this life. We can expect God to use them to change life and bless others. What better gift can be given in this life? Let the reciprocity begin with you.

Staff Writer; Christian Starr

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