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The Black Hair Wars: Natural vs. Relaxed.

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( Team natural vs. team relaxed. Which one are you? The black hair care wars are on and you might just be caught up in the whirlwind.

The number of women choosing to wear natural hair styles has grown extremely popular. Natural hair styles are nothing new. In the 70s natural hair was not uncommon. Black men and women would don large afros with fisted picks tucked neatly in their Afros. The natural hair styles exemplified power and strength. Some loved it and others not so much.

The natural hair phenomenon is back and it has exploded bigger than the first time. Black women across the globe are choosing to go natural vs. relaxed with no regrets.

Their reasons for transitioning from relaxed hair to natural hair vary as much as the styles themselves.

Many sisters have grown tired of standing in the mirror and spending half the day in salons. If they are anything like me they love the ability to get up and go.blackwoman-naturalhair-2015

According to the Huffington Post, black hair care products make up a nearly $10-billion industry, according to industry data. But in the last two years, chemical hair relaxer sales — marketed mostly to black women — have dropped by 12 percent, according to Mintel, a consumer spending and market research firm.

So what does this all mean? This is telling us that natural hair is the style of choice and if you look around you can plainly see that many women are donning natural dos.

But controversy comes with change, even with natural hair care. Believe it or not sistas are arguing over rather natural hair is better than relaxed. Some women can be judgmental or straight up rude.

Some natural sisters are downing and judging, those choosing to use relaxers, viewing them as sell-outs. On Twitter and Facebook, comments trending on natural hair vs. relaxed hair can get downright ugly. Those choosing the path of chemical products may feel that natural hair is not appropriate or simply not their cup of tea.

I sit and ask myself why the great divide? Some argue that natural hair is better than wearing someone else’s hair and that it’s much healthier. Natural women feel that women with relaxers are sell outs and denying their blackness.

There is no need to be combative and rude. One great thing about being a black woman is having options. I wear my hair natural and I have for quite a while. To me it was not a cultural thing or me joining in on the newest trend. Personally for me it is a means of convenience and a style that I like. However, I have been known to don wigs and weave depending on the season and whatever mood I’m in.

I strongly believe that regardless of how a sister chooses to wear her hair, that black women are beautiful regardless. The most important things are to have a healthy head of hair and to be happy with the hair you’re in.

Staff Writer; Eleanie Campbell

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