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5 Simple Tips to Long Term Weight Loss.

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( It’s something about the New Year entering and the summer season approaching that drives the average woman to start looking for quick weight loss tricks and pills. At times it’s as if women care more about their appearance than they do about their health, I mean why else would you take diet pills that deceive your mind into thinking you’re not hungry when you body is actually in starvation mode. Why else would women take pills that are new to the market or barely tested in order to attract the attention of others? These are just a few reasons each year the same women who reach their desired weight or get close to it by summer end up carrying double the weight by the end of Fall.

A lack of self-discipline and appreciation for one’s body is the quickest way to set yourself up for failure in the future. It’s time to end the cycle of deception! Living off protein shakes, being the neighborhood cardio queen and cheating with diet pills is not the way to sustain long-term health. What’s the point of getting to your ideal weight or body image if you can only maintain it a few months? You get what you work for! Always remember that.

What are you willing to do to transform you for a lifetime?

1. Realize It’s A Mind Game – Losing weight is mental, as soon as you say to yourself “I’ve got to lose weight” your mind goes into survival mode. Your mind wants to hold onto to anything that belongs to you. Think about cleaning out your closet! Most of us will keep clothing we haven’t worn in over a year simply because we think we’re going to need it in the future. Our mind feels the same Woman wearing red bathrobe standing on scaleabout our fat, its our protection and the mind feels we’ll need it in the future. When you say to yourself “I am releasing excess waste from my body”, your mind then works with you helping to rid toxins from the body, ease unhealthy cravings and gather the energy needed to exercise. The mind wants you to survive and waste, well that will kill you. You must exercise both your physical and mental self in order to be successful.

2. Get Water Wasted – Drink water on an hourly basis, the more water you drink the more toxins you are able to release through your urine. Many times when we feel hungry, its merely our body crying out for water. The more water you drink, the less hungry you will feel. That’s in addition to healthier, vibrant skin that glows from miles away.

3. Set Weekly Activity Goals – Shift your focus from what you desire to achieve and focus solely on what you are willing to do in order to make it happen. Enjoy the journey of watching your body transform before your eyes! Tthe journey builds mental endurance making it easier for you to set goals and stick to them in the future. The journey is what makes reaching the destination truly matter. Each week you should schedule 3 workout sessions, all of which include a variety of exercises. And at least 1 childlike fitness session such as hulu hooping, kickball, dodgeball, etc. Make time to play, the more you play the less you weigh.

4. Let Thy Food Be Thy Medicine – Eat to live, don’t live to eat. Would you stop to put more gas in your car if it’s already full? Would you put cheap gas in your Jaguar? Your body is your vehicle in life, your only mode of transportation. There is no amount of money can pay to correct your body once you have destroyed it. The best western medicine can do is replace your organs or put you on medication for the rest of your life. Fuel your body with the best living foods possible, at least 80% of your meal should consist of vegetables and fruit.

5. Strength/Resistance Train – The cardio queens shiver in fear of such advice, they say things like ‘I don’t want to look like a man’ or ‘I don’t want to be bulky’. I assume they’d rather be flabby! Cardio is to benefit your cardiovascular system so without weight training, cardio your muscles turn to flab. Flab is the reason a 150lb woman looks 180lbs, meanwhile a woman who lifts can be 190lbs and look sleek, tone and feminine. Don’t believe the hype! The more muscle you build, the more fit you look and the more food you can take in. Muscles burn calories even when you’re in chill mode. Rest on that!

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