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6 Ways To Keep You Happy.

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( As women we often get so caught up in solving everyone outside of ourselves problem and attempting to ensure they’re happy that we rob ourselves of our own happiness. Imagine that! Then we say things like “when I need someone no one is around”, if you can make another person smile that a sign that you are more than capable of giving yourself that same feeling. We eagerly seek out education, relationships, career advancements and friendships all for the sake of finding happiness but rarely do we seek happiness from within.

You deserve to be happy! Here are a few ways to bring some happiness into your life today:

1. Count Your Blessings – When I say blessings I don’t mean count your belongings, I’m speaking of that which makes your life worth living. A blessing is something that can’t be replaced, something that can’t be purchased. Having a functional mind and body outweighs any item you could possibly possess. The ability to generate multiple ideas with ease, being able to express yourself creatively, embodying talents and gifts are all blessings we overlook. Don’t get caught up in “things”, your very being, your breath is a sign of abundance. Give gratitude to yourself for being able to meet the demands of this physical life.

2. Spend Time in Nature – Take time out of your busy day to smell the roses, to look at the trees, to gaze at the stars. Nature reminds us that life isn’t all work or accumulating as many things as we possibly can. Life is a gift! Nature reminds us of the Divine Creator which supports us in our day to day reality reminding us that our life has purpose, meaning which we must strive to fulfill. Smiling mixed race womanSpending time in nature helps us to reconnect to the divine within.

3. Nurture Yourself – Draw a warm, rose bath with Epsom salt, light some candles and enjoy your own presence. Learn to love being in the midst of you! Learn to feel your own presence, your own essence. Give yourself foot and leg massages. Cook your favorite meal, not because you’re hungry but because you love to spoil yourself. In order to be happy within you must learn to make yourself smile, day after day, hour after hour and minute by minute. Nurturing yourself is practicing healthy selfishness. Nothing should come before pleasuring, loving and taking care of you!

4. Date Yourself – I said it! Don’t you dare waste your life waiting on someone to take you out on a date, I’ve had some of my best nights by rolling solo. It’s something about seeing a person smiling, in tune with themselves and in their own world that attracts others. Whether you’re single or in a committed relationship, make time to take yourself on a private date regularly. Get creative and have fun with it. Take a dance class or one of those Sip & Stroke Art Classes, you know the one’s where you sip on wine while creating your very own artistic masterpiece. Never get so wrapped up in life or others that you forget to love on you.

5. Challenge Yourself to Smile – Many black women are single solely because they look mean and unapproachable. Even the most kindhearted women walk around looking mad and most people are either too intimated to approach them or just aren’t in the mood for the attitude. Challenge yourself to smile at 10 random people everyday, make it a habit to show some teeth. Not only does smiling make your cheekbones sit higher, it creates a glow around you that intrigues others. People will be asking “what are you so happy about?” and if you are a bit playful perhaps you will respond ‘seeing you”.

6.  Play With Others – I’m not big on small talk so I have to challenge myself to stay a bit in tune with what’s happening in the world around me. Not necessarily the horrors of life, I take pride in being able to share good news and kind words that make others smile. Ask people how they’re doing, how their day is going, what they’re having for dinner or what they have planned for the weekend. Make friends! Be open. Trust yourself to attract good people and flow with it. Live an adventurous life! Look at children, they find playmates wherever they go and those friendships are all about the moment. They don’t worry about if they’ll see the child again, whether they’re going to hurt them or anything else, they’re only worried about having a good time right now. Be a child, free yourself from yourself!

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